About Eco-Friendly Cat Essentials +

Make the more sustainable choice for your cat with these Eco-Friendly Cat Essentials. The bundle includes a 10L bag of Natusan bio-degradable litter, a Beco cat litter tray, scoop and a 25-pack of 100% compostable and biodegradable 35L bags. With 15% discount!

About Natusan Sustainable Cat Litter


Tight-clumping, traps odour: Say goodbye to unpleasant smells! The production of Natusan cat litter involves refining and activating plant fibres through a high-tech clumping process. The result – active wood fibres that are able to absorb and trap seven times their own weight in liquid! 

Less cleaning, lasts longer: Natusan clumping litter is designed so that urine and faeces can be removed easily from the box without having to empty the entire tray. Solid clumps form which makes removal easy. A full weekly change is now a thing of the past! 


100% natural: Our natural litter is biodegradable. So it's better for your cat and for the environment. Natusan litter is a lot lighter too, so no more heavy bags to carry around. 

Cat approved: made from recycled wood fibres, our litter is soft on paws and has no added fragrance so even fussy cats will love it too.

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