Our Story

September 2019

Natusan is born! 
We launched our Collect & Compost service in London. With a customer-centric approach to everything we do, we looked at one of the biggest problems for pet parents in our country, and worked tirelessly to create solutions that are convenient, cost-friendly to the user, and above all, better for the planet. Learn more about our circular economy model here.

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March 2020

As a response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, we adjusted our business to be able to provide our natural cat litter nationwide, so even those outside of our collection zone would be able to benefit from our clumping biodegradable cat litter by reducing their cat litter waste by up to 65%!

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June 2020

We freshened up with a brand new look, we also launched our new blog, INSIDE SCOOP, where we share the science behind some of our cat’s behaviours, news and updates from our business, stories from around the world, and professional advice from our team of cat experts… alongside tons of cute cat photos from our customers!

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July 2020

We launched Natusan’s Next Top Model, a search for a selection of our customer’s cats to feature on our blog, and we were inundated with hundreds of entries! After a rigorous selection process, we were able to find out 5 meow-dels, and shared their stories on our website. This opportunity to hear first-hand from our followers proved to be invaluable to us as a company, and whilst paw-ing through hundreds of photos of gorgeous cats to find our winners was tough, we loved every second of it.

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September 2020

We got scientific, running tests on our litter to fully understand just how it performs against the “big guys” - we discovered that Natusan clumping litter performs better on odour control than the average natural clumping litter brand. Not only this, but due to the low clump volume compared to other litter, Natusan can absorb the urine very efficiently and keep the odour trapped for longer!

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The Future of Natusan

We’ve already diverted 14,000kg of cat litter from landfill, and planted 1,000 trees on behalf of our customers, but there is always room for improvement…
We are constantly looking for more ways to help pet parents reduce their carbon paw-print and find wonderful solutions to the problems of pet waste. 

This is where you come in. With your help, we want to take our Collect & Compost service across the whole of the UK, so together we can reduce the amount of cat litter ending up in landfill, plant more trees, and make more customers (and their cats!) see the wonder in waste.

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