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Natusan Products for Cat and Dog Natusan Products for Cat and Dog

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250,000KG of waste reduced so far

At Natusan, we believe that you should be able to look after your cat without sacrificing on sustainability. That’s why, at every step, we think about the waste we produce and how to reduce it.

From reincarnating by-products of the timber industry to ensuring you reduce your litter waste, we’ll never stop seeking to positively impact you, your pets and our planet.

Made from nature. Our cat litter is powered by recycled wood fibres, making it 100% natural and fully biodegradable.

Designed to last. There's a reason our cat litter is tight clumping. It performs effectively for longer periods, so you'll need 65%* less litter each month.

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More Wonder...
49,000 trees planted so far

We’re doing all we can to make the world a more wonderful place. It’s not just about making products that you and your cat love. It’s also about planting trees, fostering community, and providing the kind of customer service you want to tell your friends about...

Every order made = 1 tree. We plant a tree on behalf of every customer with the help of our partners at Ecologi.

Stays Fresh. Our cat litter eliminates moisture and odours fast, leaving your cat's tray dry and freshly scented.

Always listening We want to know what matters to you. Got opinions about our products or a question you'd like answering? Give us a call. Kieran and Tasha would love to hear from you!


Sustainability is the reason we started Natusan, it's what makes us tick, what keeps us up at night, and what makes us get up in the morning. Together, with our customers and recycling partners, we are reducing the amount of cat litter going to waste in the UK alongside recycling by-products of sustainable forestry into natural waste solutions, while creating fertiliser to begin the journey all over again. We work tirelessly to ensure our circular economy keeps turning.
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Natusan block image

from tray to tree

By joining our community, you're not only helping to reduce waste and care for the planet, you're also helping to grow trees and improve life in local communities thanks to our tree planting partnerships.

Watch this video to learn more about our Zero Waste Circular Economy service in London.