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Natusan Products for Cat and Dog

Getting A Cat

If you’re getting a cat or kitten for the first time or simply asking yourself “should I get a cat?”, then we have plenty of advice and tips. Find information on adopting a cat, caring for cats, cat training, and everything in between.

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Natusan Products for Cat and Dog

Cat Life

Life with cats can be full of fun and surprises! Whether you’re looking for kitten and cat tips, interesting facts about cats, or just a bit of cat-based humour, we’ve probably got it covered.

Natusan Products for Cat and Dog

Cat Care

A huge part of being a cat parent is making sure our cats are happy and healthy. With advice and information on cat care advice and cat health, you can best understand your cat’s needs. 

Natusan Products for Cat and Dog

Cat Litter

Knowing which cat litter to choose can be tricky, but at Natusan we’re here to make it simple. From cat litter tips and tricks to information about the best cat litter, you’ll find all you need to know.

Natusan Products for Cat and Dog


At Natusan we believe in living sustainably and reducing waste, because we all have an environmental impact, even our pets! Discover simple switches for sustainable cat ownership, find out more about pet sustainability, and learn about our sustainable partnership with Ecologi.