Your Favourite Cat Memes (& Tweets) Of 2022

1. It’ll come as no surprise that your favourite meme of the year was all about the joys of sharing our lives and homes with a cat. 

“He doesn’t know my name but I have 15 different nicknames for him depending on the mood or situation!” This tweet really struck a chord with cat parents, and no lies were told.


2. In second place, you loved this highly relatable post about litter trays. 

We think that all cat parents know the feeling.

3. Coming in at third place, this especially topical post struck a chord with all of us way back in the gloominess of January of last year.

We suspect this one’s going to be just as relevant for the coming month as well.

4. Next up is this tweet, liked by cat parents everywhere who have felt personally victimised by their feline housemates.

We know they love us really, but sometimes we do have to wonder...

5. Oh to be a cat: cosy, snoozing, and blissfully unaware of the cost of living crisis.

This post made it to number 5. As we all get ready to head back to work again after the festive break, we can see why this one was relatable to so many of you.

6. Hands up if your cat is somehow both the smollest little guy ever and also a giant that takes up half the bed every night.

We know how it feels. 

7. Who needs an alarm clock when you’ve got cats? This post really resonated with you cat parents. 

Cats also have no respect for bank holidays, which we personally find very rude.



8. Also included in the category of “I used to sleep but then I got a cat” is this post.

How they manage to silently appear whenever there’s food around yet sound like they’re five times their size at night time, we will never understand. 


9. We’re reaching the end of our countdown, but coming in at number 9 is this pay day masterpiece.

We all deserve a little treat from time to time.



10. Last but not least we have number 10.

This one is particularly relatable to us, and we couldn’t be happier about it. 


Stay tuned for more relatable cat memes and humour in 2023!


29/12/2022 by NatuTeam

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