Winter Cat Care Tips

With December just around the corner, winter is on its way. While we’re all extra concerned with preparing for the cold and keeping ourselves cosy this winter, there are also things to consider when it comes to keeping our cats safe during wintertime—and it’s not just for outdoor cats.

Winter can bring … for both indoor cats and those with access to the outdoors, so read on for our winter cat care tips and advice.

Keep cats inside when it’s particularly cold

As much as your cats may love to roam outside, they’re not cut out for really cold weather and it’s safer to keep them indoors, especially if they’re older or unwell. They might be a bit grumpy about it, but it’s for their own good! Make sure there are plenty of cosy spots for them to curl up and keep warm.

Cats left outside may be tempted to find warmth inside car engines, which can have disastrous consequences, so it’s best to keep them safe and warm when temperatures really drop.

Winter Cat Care Tips

Check your car and tap your bonnet

While your cats might be safe indoors, other cats and strays may have used your car as a safe warm hiding spot when it’s chilly out—so a quick tap on the bonnet and a check of your wheels can help to prevent any accidents. 

Keep an eye on your cat’s health

While we all know about flu, did you know that there’s also cat flu? While it’s not usually serious in healthy cats, it’s important to contact your vet if you think your cat is displaying symptoms of cat flu. The cold weather can also trigger or exacerbate arthritis, especially in older cats, so if you notice that your cat seems to be struggling, speak with their vet. 


Winter Cat Care Tips

Make sure to provide litter trays…

All cats should have access to a litter tray all year round. If your cats are used to toileting outdoors they may be put off by the colder weather, so providing access to litter trays indoors is extra important.

…And provide toys and indoor activities

Enrichment is an important part of all cats’ lives. For those who usually go outside, you can replace this stimulation and activity during the colder months with indoor toys and games to keep them active. 

Keep hot things and flames out of reach

There’s nothing cosier than an open fire or a lit candle on a winter’s night, but they can be a real hazard for our cats. Never leave cats alone around open flames or heat sources, and make sure they’re kept out of reach wherever possible.


Check paws that have been outside and keep them clean

Grit and other dangers, like antifreeze, can collect on cats paws if they’re roaming around outside - posing a danger to them when they groom themselves. If your cat is coming in and out, make sure to check their paws for grit and give them a wipe to rid them of any nasties. 


Winter Cat Care Tips

Keep microchip details up to date (and consider a high-vis collar)

If your cat does wander off in search of warmth, it’s important that their microchip details are up to date so they can find their way home again. A high-vis collar can also help to keep them visible if they’re out and about during the dark mornings and late afternoons. 

Watch out for festive dangers

Poinsettias are a classic Christmas houseplant and are regularly given as gifts, but they can be toxic to cats and shouldn’t be kept anywhere that cats are able to access. Tinsel is another festive favourite that can pose a serious danger to our cats, so keep it well away from your feline friends!

15/11/2022 by NatuTeam

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