Why We’re Not Taking Part In Black Friday

The American phenomenon of Black Friday has well and truly made itself at home here in the UK calendar, and it’s growing year on year. This year feels like the biggest yet. Brands and companies have been pushing their Black Friday promotions from the 1st of the month, and they’ve been almost impossible to miss. 

It can feel pretty overwhelming. Black Friday promotions can lead to a lot of unnecessary consumption which, in turn, leads to waste—and, let’s face it, most of the things purchased in these promotions aren’t exactly essential items.  

Why We’re Not Taking Part In Black Friday

That’s why, here at Natusan, we’re not running any Black Friday promotions. Instead we want to focus on a greener Friday. We care about the planet, and we know that our customers do too! Our products help cat parents to reduce their waste and be kinder to the planet, which is why we’re using Black Friday as a platform to encourage more eco-friendly choices.

From promoting conscious consumption and sustainable brands to help reduce waste, giving back to your community, or taking part in Buy Nothing Day, there are plenty of ways for you to make this Black Friday a little bit greener, and we’ve put together a few ideas… 

Why We’re Not Taking Part In Black Friday

Shop small, and shop local

First up, if you do plan to spend, then shopping locally and with small businesses is a great place to start. In a world of super fast online shopping, choosing to spend your hard-earned pounds sustainably instead of with the big name businesses can make a real difference—not only for the small independent companies you’re supporting, but also in terms of the company’s environmental footprint!

Head to your local bookshop instead of ordering from the big names online (we’re looking at you, Amazon) and see what your local stores and businesses have to offer. If you can’t get out and about as easily, there are plenty of great independent retailers online—and choosing to spend your money with them rather than the big names is one small way to make a difference.

Buy nothing at all!

It’s difficult not to be bombarded with advertising every day, from our phones to the bus to the newspaper. Buy Nothing Day began back in the early 1990s. The UK campaign started in the year 2000, with the slogan “Shop Less, Live More”, and it’s the absolute opposite of Black Friday. 

Why We’re Not Taking Part In Black Friday

Get outside, give back, or discover more eco-friendly treats

You could go full green Friday and spend the day outdoors—although the British weather might not be too appealing. You could take the opportunity to discover local environmental or community groups, or become a member of your local Wildlife Trust to help support their work in your local area.

And there are other ways of treating ourselves too. Why not take your reusable coffee cup to your local cafe and treat yourself to a festive coffee or hot chocolate, go for a walk, meet up with a friend, explore your local library and find yourself a good book to read… There are plenty of ways to enjoy Black Friday that have nothing to do with shopping—and there won’t be a discount code in sight. 

22/11/2022 by NatuTeam

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