Why do cats sleep so much?

Ever wondered why your cat sleeps so much? Want to know whether your cat’s snoozier than average? We’ve investigated!

As all cat parents will know, cats sleep a lot. And we mean *a lot*. But why do they sleep so much?! And how much snoozing is actually normal? Well, while our cats are dreaming in the background, we’ve been hard at work finding the answers to our cat nap questions!


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How much do cats sleep?

Research shows that cats can sleep for up to 20 hours a day! That leaves a busy 4 hours leftover for eating, playing, purring, and sitting on your laptop while you’re trying to get things done. The average cat sleeps for around 15-16 hours a day, but age can play a big part in this. Kittens sleep for most of the day, but as they grow into young cats they can turn into a bundle of energy, requiring a lot less rest. As cats age, they tend to sleep more, so you might find that your senior cat snoozes away for most of the day. 


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Why do cats sleep so much?

The simple answer: evolution. Whilst these days our cats might have a very easy life of snooze, snack, repeat, they have in fact evolved to be able to hunt their own food, so sleeping this much allows them to preserve the energy needed for this vital activity! And, despite now being served their meals on a convenient little platter, this natural instinct remains—just in case they need to hunt down their next meal. And, as we mentioned before, age is another factor when it comes to a cat’s sleep schedule, so kittens and older cats require more rest than others.


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How do cats sleep?

We all know the phrase “cat nap”, and this is exactly what our cats do! Rather than settling down for eight hours of solid shut-eye, our cats tend to catnap throughout the day in short bursts—meaning they’re always ready to wake up and react to whatever’s going on around them. 


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When do cats sleep?

It may seem like they sleep 24 hours a day, but actually, cats are crepuscular. This means that they’re most active at the times of dawn and dusk! So while they’re not quite nocturnal, as any cat parent can tell you, they’re often very active while we’re still trying to sleep. This is yet another trait that results from their prey hunting nature, which would see them taking advantage of these times of day to go out and catch their meals, while resting during the darkest periods of the nighttime and—as we know—catnapping away the day.


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Where do cats like to sleep?

You might have noticed that your cat will sleep pretty much anywhere. But there are a few key factors that cats tend to prefer when they snooze, so if you want to create the cosiest, most comfortable sleeping environment for your four-legged friends, here are a few tips to follow:


You’ve probably found them squished into the sunny spot on the windowsill, but a radiator bed is a great, cosy option for wintertime.


Even if your cat will sometimes sleep in the strangest, most uncomfortable looking spots, this one should go without saying! All of us, human or feline, want a nice, soft, comfy bed.


Many cats prefer sleeping in an enclosed space or bed to help them feel safe and protected, like an igloo bed or a cardboard box filled with comfy blankets. Another way to provide a sleeping spot that helps them to feel safe is on top of a cat tree! Sleeping up high gives them a good vantage point to keep one eye on their surroundings while they snooze.


Of course, every cat is different, and this is just designed to offer a guide to why cats sleep so much in general. If your cat’s sleeping habits have changed, or you feel that your cat is sleeping more than normal and you’re concerned, it’s always best to speak with your vet. 

13/12/2021 by NatuTeam

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