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Is your furry friend trying to tell you something? Get to know your cat's needs by learning about cat body language.


cat hungry bowl

Some communication doesn't need translating...


Body Language in Cats

Cats are complicated creatures, and can be quite subtle in how they communicate with us. However, learning about the body language of cats can help to build a stronger and closer relationship with your furry friend.


Cat Body Language 101

cat purring

Purring - Okay, so this is an easy one. Cats purr when they are content or are looking for attention. However, sometimes cats can purr to calm themselves if they are feeling a little stressed. A good way to tell if it is the former is to slowly blink at your cat, if they do it back, they are one happy kitty!


cat scent mark

Rubbing - When a cat rubs its face on people, or the corners of furniture, it is scent marking. Cats sometimes do this as you just arrive home, as a way of greeting their human, but also of topping up the scent of their home, especially if you bring smells of the outside world in with you.


cat tail up

Tail Up - This is a way of greeting, and is often seen when your cat wants some extra attention, be sure to reward this behaviour with plenty of fussing.


cat rolling over

Rolling Over - When a cat exposes their belly, it means that they trust you. Don't go thinking that this is an invitation to a tummy rub however - most cats take this as a betrayal of their trust, and will often retaliate in kind. The best way to respond to this is with a gentle head rub.

27/07/2021 by NatuTeam

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