This short film about cats will melt your heart

Between lockdown woes, Coronavirus fears and worrying news from across the pond, it's fair to say we're in need of some pleasantness on our screens, and we think we've found it. 

In this award-winning short film, directed by Swiss filmmaker Lasse Linder, we follow Christian (or "Catman" as he calls himself), who lives with his two Scottish Fold cats, named Katyusha and Marmelade, in a small Swiss city. 

They travel everywhere together, shopping, skiing, and even to the pub.

As we witness their relationship unfolding, we are offered a glimpse into the tender intimacy so well-known to cat lovers everywhere. 

Yearning to become a "father", Christian takes Marmelade to meet a tomcat who he hopes will be able to expand his family of three. 

All Cats Are Grey In The Dark is a beautiful portrayal of the intimacy and unconditional love that we share with our furry friends, and is a must-watch in these troubling times, to remind us of our humanity, the beauty that comes from sharing our lives with cats, and that "family" can mean whatever we want it to mean.

Watch the film below, hug your cat, and let us know on social media what you think. 


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25/09/2020 by NatuTeam

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