Natusan Cat Litter Benefits: The Three Cs

Benefits Of Natusan Cat Litter


Natusan worked hard to find the best litter for your cat and the environment. After exploring lots of options and testing different materials, Natusan chose compostable, organic clumping litter made from natural wood fibers as opposed to conventional litter made from synthetics, minerals or vegetables. All Natusan waste litter is repurposed into agricultural fertilizer, helping to reduce the impact our feline friends are having on the planet.

Sustainable composting virtuous circle



One of the many benefits of Natusan’s clumping litter is that it is dust free. Cat owners who have previously used non-clumping litter will be familiar with the hassle of cleaning up mess that is caused by cats burying. In a clumsy attempt to disguise their business, litter and dust is scattered onto the surrounding floor and furniture. Using clumping litter helps to significantly reduce this mess, keeping both your home and cat clean.

Clumping litter also helps to prevent lingering odours. Its high absorbency and ability to clump when coming into contact with liquid encases the waste, trapping unpleasant smells.

Convenient cat litter service



Not only is Natusan the best option for cat owners for litter quality, it is also super convenient. With Natusan’s easy subscription service you will no longer need to lug heavy bags of litter or make last-minute trips to the pet store. Natusan delivers your litter kit directly to your door, every month. Natusan then collects the waste litter and replaces with a fresh supply, saving you hassle and time.



Cat litter for you, for your cat, for the planet


Revolutionise your cat's life (or all nine of them!) with Natusan cat litter today!

03/03/2020 by NatuTeam

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