Ask any pet parent, they’ll tell you that their cat is priceless, what they won’t mention is the £18 pouch of haute cuisine cat food that they refused to touch, or how they prefer the sofa to their craftsman-made bespoke cat furniture.


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Sometimes our cats can cost us more than we dare to think about.

While having a cat in your home has certain up-front expenses like food, grooming and vet bills (though hopefully less of the latter), sometimes the costs can sneak up on you without noticing…


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Take litter for example, perhaps you buy the cheapest litter brand you can find in the supermarket, or try out a new litter brand when it is on sale, if so, the overall cost of the litter in your tray could be more than you think…


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Many people don’t realise how the cost can build up when using non-clumping clay based cat litter, one of the “cheapest” examples on the market today.

When calculating the overall cost, extra items such as litter liners, rubbish bags and air fresheners have to be considered.

So too, does the overall cost to the planet, but let’s stick with your wallet for now…

The Breakdown

Cats bury their business, they have done since their days in the wild in order to cover their tracks from potential predators. 

Modern cats have kept this habit and this is why we should provide all cats (not just indoor ones) with a safe, accessible litter box or tray for them to do it in.

There are a few different varieties of cat litter, just as well, because some cats can be rather picky when it comes to which they prefer. Here are some of the most common types of cat litter used by pet parents:


Clumping Clay Cat Litter

Clumping Clay Cat Litter

One of the most common types of cat litter purchased in the UK (44% of owners surveyed), this is notably due to convenience of clumping (find out more about clumping litter here).

However, clay litter is made using some not-so-okay materials such as bentonite which can cause a host of potential problems for both the environment and your cat.


Non-clumping Clay Cat Litter

Clay Cat Litter

This type of litter is also made using the same processed clay as it’s clumping counterpart, the difference being that (you guessed it) it doesn’t clump together, meaning that this, the “cheapest” option, is often also the messiest and smelliest.


Silicone Cat Litter

Silicone Crystal Cat Litter

This litter, whilst more expensive, is made from silicone absorbent crystals that trap odour and liquid much in the same way as clumping litter. However, it’s eco-credentials aren’t so great either.


Natural Cat Litter

Natusan Cat Litter

With the demand for more environmentally friendly and healthy cat litter options rising, several examples of natural cat litter can be found made from wood, corn, wheat and paper, amongst other things.

Like many sustainable options (such as wind energy), the initial “start up” costs are usually higher than supermarket cat litter, but the benefits are often worth the price-tag.


Natusan Cat Litter



The real cost of cat litter 

The overall price of your cat’s litter tray works out to much more than what’s in the bag.

The additional items that are necessary with some kinds of litter to keep the litter tray and home clean can add to the cost. 

Traditional cat litter made from clay doesn’t last long and will need to be replaced often due to the lack of liquid absorption, and as clay litter doesn’t trap odour, you’ll probably need some sort of deodoriser, not to mention all the rubbish bags used to store and dispose of non-biodegradable cat litter. 

Another element to consider with traditional clay litter, is the need for a hooded cat litter tray or box to keep the odours inside.


Cat Smell Odour



Add to this the mat, scoop and a dedicated bin (not to mention the hoover) and the added costs soon racks up.

If you have any concerns for your cat’s long term health or reducing your feline friend’s impact on the environment, you may consider switching to a more natural cat litter. 

As you’ll know, traditional forms of cat litter are harmful to the planet, in addition to presenting potential health problems for your cat. Continue Reading about the effects of clay and crystal litter production and use here.

For the pet parents who want to save money in the long-term, while being considerate to their cat’s health and that of the environment, natural cat litter is the way to go. 


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Whilst it may initially seem to be the most expensive option, natural cat litter such as Natusan lasts much longer on average! 

Due to it’s tight-clumping nature and easy-to-scoop removal, switching to Natusan will reduce your cat litter usage by a whopping 65%, saving on average up to £150 a year* - less litter used, same amount absorbed.

It’s not just money that is saved with Natusan litter, but time too, as weekly litter tray changes are a thing of the past. High absorbency means less spreading around, simply remove the clumps as you go and clean out the tray once a month - Find out more disposal tips here.

We’ve run all kinds of scientific tests to determine just how absorbent, odour trapping and long lasting Natusan cat litter is, but we’ll leave it to our TrustPilot reviews to say it best...

Try Natusan and start saving today!


Natusan Trustpilot Quote


Natusan Trustpilot Quote


Natusan Trustpilot Review


*Based on average monthly consumption for Natusan clumping litter vs. non-clumping premium litter

02/09/2020 by NatuTeam

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