The Cat Guide: Everything you need to know...

Everyone who shares their life with a cat wants the best for their furry friend.

Our faithful mogs can be rather inscrutable, and their behaviours can be a real mystery sometimes...


Cat Behaviour

"... why though?"


That's why in a new series on our blog, we'll be sharing our top tips to ensure that your home is a feline purr-adisie!

To some, cats can appear aloof or standoffish, a reputation that is probably due to the fact that they live their lives on their own terms, and who can blame them?

The reality however, is that cats are communicative in many ways, most notably through body language, and when you know how to read these signals, you'll soon find that your cat has a lot more to say than you think!


cat attack toy

Some signals are easier to understand than others...


With an increase in cat adoption across the country in recent months, this series will serve as a reference guide to truly understanding your cat both for first time paw-rents and veteran cat lovers alike.

The life expectancy of the domestic cat has seen a steady rise throughout the decades, and it's not too rare to find cats in their twenties nowadays.

In order to provide your furry friend with a long and happy life, pet parents must pay attention their cat's behaviour alongside their health and diet.

Our experts will provide all the stuff you need to know for a healthy cat, and a happy home.


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To live harmoniously and healthily together, we really need to get to know the ins and outs of the beautiful, mysterious creatures we share our homes with. 

From cat biology and wellbeing to breakdowns of cat behaviour and even a reference guide for speaking cat, The Cat Guide covers all you need to know to truly understand the furry little buddy in your home.

By understanding your cat's behaviour, maintaining their health and providing the ideal environment, you will find that life with a cat can be bliss, and what's more, you'll be able to provide the love and support that is innately found in every feline. 

So stay tuned for the first instalment of The Cat Guide, and if you have any questions or tips to add, get in touch via social media

07/01/2021 by NatuTeam

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