Which cat litter is best?

Trying to work out what cat litter is best for you and your cat? There are a few options out there and it can be overwhelming for first time cat parents, so we’re here to clear up the confusion...


Ever considered an insect based diet for your cat? Here’s why you should and how you can

Land use is at the heart of the climate crisis. It’s why we created Natusan - to help prevent cat parents adding to the world’s landfill problem. What we eat has a huge impact on the world, which is why reducing our meat intake is a core tenet of living sustainably, but how can we change our cat’s diet for the better? 

There’s a lot of buzz around insect based pet food, because switching to a bug based diet has considerable benefits. Let’s take a look at three compelling reasons to choose an insect based diet for your prized puss...


Can cats get flu? How to care for your cat in the colder months

Did you know that cats can catch flu too? It’s a common illness and vaccinations against cat flu are typically given in kitten hood. As is the case with all vaccines, it can’t protect cats from all strains of the disease. Just like human flu, cat flu can pose a more serious threat to very old cats, pregnant cats, kittens and cats with underlying health conditions, so be mindful of an infection in a vulnerable kitty...


How to groom your cat

With all that meticulous licking and face paw wiping, sometimes we forget that our beloved furry friends could benefit from extra pamper time. If you are getting to grips with owning a young cat, fear not, cats are so good at self-bathing, they rarely need a good hosing down like their canine counterparts, but there are definitely other areas where they could do with a helping human hand...