Our steps for sustainability

With Recycle Week 2020 drawn to a close, we thought we’d shed some more light on exactly how everyone at Natusan is aspiring to create more wonderful solutions to waste every day.

As instituted by the 2005 World Summit, there are three pillars of sustainability; Environmental, Social, and Economic.

Sustainability was the reason we started Natusan, it's what makes us tick, what keeps us up at night, and what makes us get up in the morning.

We love what we do.

Together, with our partners and customers, we are consistently reducing the amount of cat litter that gets thrown away (including landfill), recycling by-products into natural, healthy, repurposed alternatives to a problem that affects us all, and in turn transforming this into fertiliser to begin the journey all over again. 

We work tirelessly to ensure our circular economy keeps turning.




Natusan Biodegradable Cat Litter

Our litter is 100% natural, always as been, always will be.

We only use responsibly sourced by-products of sustainable forestry, certified by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification - meaning zero trees are cut down just to make the wood materials we use in our litter. 

Instead, we collect all the wood by-products and other components from companies located within a 200km radius of our production site. The starch used in our cat litter is also collected from the local market, meaning less transportation required, and less trucks on the road. 

Natusan cat litter is a mixture of these collected wood shavings, sawdust, water, starch, and a natural clumping agent. That’s it, no artificial fragrances, preservatives or other nasty chemicals.

These ingredients are pressed into pellets, which are then crushed on a roller mill, and finally sieved in order to create the fine particle structure that makes our litter soft on paws, easier for cats to bury in, and tight clumping for simpler scooping. 

Because some fragrances used to mask odour can be irritating to cats and their superior sense of smell, we decided to go without it, as the natural “woody” scent and fast clumping of Natusan litter means 40% less odour than the average natural litter.

The jewel in the crown of our litter is its biodegradability. Based on the results of a test for ready biodegradability from the Institut Fresenius, one of Europe’s leading leading providers of chemical laboratory analysis, Natusan is officially classified as degradable (compostable), with a good degree of mineralisation during the test period.

To ensure that our economy is fully circular, we partner with a recycling centre for our Collect & Compost customers. We collect the litter, trays and bags, and use the appropriate recycling method for each material: The litter and swap tray (both being fully compostable) go to garden waste to be transformed into fertiliser, while the rest of the cardboard goes to be fully recycled and used again safely.

Find out more here.



Natusan Cat Litter Kit Biodegradable Bag Scoop


The Natusan tray and scoop are both fully recyclable according to RESA standards.

Our biodegradable bags are produced in the UK in a ‘zero emissions’ factory, which cleans and recirculates all water used in bag production. Manufacturing is externally audited to ISO9001 Quality and ISO14001 Environmental Management Standards.

That’s not all that is saved, as when starting up machines and stopping production runs a significant amount of scrap can be produced. Instead of this going to waste, all the scraps are re-melted into granules, cleaned and blended into the next batch, this is what created the pale green tint of our bags, the compostable ink which is repurposed into the production cycle for zero waste.

Almost all compostable bag suppliers have adopted this same colour scheme, which is helpful for the compost industry. As the green bags merge with garden waste and food scraps, the bright colours are easier to spot and remove. 

For several years now, the factory we use has been powered by 100% renewable energy. Coastal wind power provides all the energy for the factory, and also charges the hybrid vehicles that are being brought in to replace ordinary vehicles. 

The Ultra-Violet lamps that we use to dry the water-based inks on our bags are being replaced with LED lamps to reduce power consumption.

Our biodegradable bags are certified with the OK compost label by TÜV, with requirements defined in 2003 and have never been questioned since, serving as a pioneer in this field and as a basis for the development of several standards, including biodegradability and compostability.



Natusan Cat Litter Delivery 

We optimise our delivery routes for our Collect & Compost deliveries for maximum efficiency so the impact of transportation is lessened. For our nationwide deliveries, we use DHL.

By introducing suitable measures, DHL have paved the way for sustainable logistics and have worked together with their stakeholders to identify “energy efficiency and climate change” and “air pollution” as key action areas. Their goal is to reduce their logistics-related emissions to net zero by 2050. To help realise this vision of zero emission logistics, DHL have established a number of ambitious interim goals across the main action areas of their sustainability strategy.

Read DHL’s Sustainability Report here.



We are always working to improve our environmental impact in a conscious and responsible manner. From looking at making our recyclable Collect & Compost tray compostable, to exploring totally new ways to make pet parenting more sustainable, we are constantly evolving what we do and how we do it. 

One area where we want to do better is with our Collect & Compost delivery bags. Currently these are the only items in the Collect & Composts kits that can’t either be recycled or composted. This is due to a health and safety requirement to ensure our partner delivery drivers are protected when using animal waste. We are actively looking for a sustainable and safe alternative for these.

We love hearing suggestions and concerns from our customers, if you have any thoughts on what we should do next, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, so together we can make our products and processes even more sustainable

We also want to partner with fantastic sustainability-led companies to develop something special for our catstomers.

We love being a part of a generation of businesses that care about our planet, and we want to extend our community further!

Leave a comment on our social media to tell us about a UK-based eco company you love, particularly manufacturers who specialise in upcycling or recycling waste materials such as plastic.

Together, let's make our dream of a wasteless world a reality.


02/10/2020 by NatuTeam

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