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They say good things come in small packages…


 Natusan Cat Litter


When we developed Natusan, we thought about many issues around cat litter, a big one being how we could tackle the estimated 2 million tons of litter that gets thrown away in the UK every year. 


Cat Shock Natusan 


We also thought about other factors, such as the nasty chemicals that are found in many cat litters on the market, the processes involved in creating litter and the environmental concerns that these processes raise.

We tinkered away and made our clumping litter out of the best materials we have today, and as a result, we also found that in doing so we helped to relieve some of the less damaging, but equally annoying aspects of being a 21st Century cat parent... 

Most mineral clumping litters available on the market are made of bentonite. This clay mineral, pulled from the Earth’s surface in a process called strip mining, is not only bad for the environment, but bad for your back too – with a high density of approximately 1kg per litre.


 Heavy Litter Natusan


Natusan on the other hand is much finer - weighing only 330 grams per litre – making it over 60% lighter than the average mineral clumping litter.

This is because our litter is made from 100% natural, PEFC certified recycled softwood, with none of the clay minerals that make other cat litters so heavy. Couple this with the fine texture that makes Natusan soft on paws and the result is smaller and lighter litter bags!


Cat Cool Litter Natusan


This isn’t just great for your cat, it also has a bunch of other paw-some benefits:



Cat Drawer Natusan Litter

Better for storage

For those who aren’t blessed with acres of room to store your litter, our smaller bags are simple to hide away in a cupboard, under a sofa or anywhere else you’d care to keep it. 


Cat Massage Litter Natusan


Better for your back

Although we deliver our litter to your door, it still needs to be lugged around when it is time for a top-up. Our lighter formula takes the strain out of changing litter.


Cat Eco Environment Litter

Better for the environment

Because litre for litre Natusan litter takes up less space, we don’t have to use as much packaging, which, along with repurposing our litter into agricultural fertiliser, helps to reduce the impact our feline friends have on the planet. 


Cat Holiday Natusan


Better for travel

Our litter bags are perfect for taking on holiday with your cat, with their compact size and lighter weight, they fit easily into an overnight bag, so there’s no more decanting litter into a smaller bag, and all over the kitchen floor in the process.


So if you’re tired of lugging around big bags of litter, and want to be able to look after your cat without sacrificing on sustainability, check out our litter today!


Natusan Cat Litter

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03/08/2020 by NatuTeam

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