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After being cooped up for a few months, we’ve been crawling the walls with lockdown boredom.


Bored Cat Gif


We’ve tried every kind of dance challenge, endured Zoom quiz fatigue, and even attempted the increasingly difficult lockdown cocktail (or “Quarantini”) recipes - with little success.


Cat Drink Knock


While our cats are happy to just doze away the day around the house, with scheduled breaks for mealtimes and those all important naps, we wanted something more than Netflix and trawling Amazon for impulse buys - speaking of which, has anyone seen these fish?

So we took it back to the 90’s, when # was a pound sign, not a hashtag, and cat photos were much harder to find, with a nostalgic Nokia mobile game favourite - featuring a Natusan twist...

In our take on the classic Snake game, players collect the mess left behind by their feline friend, which due to Natusan’s lightweight absorbent texture, turns into clumps rather than spreading around the litter tray!


Natusan Snake Clumping Game


Collect all the clumps and see if your time makes the leaderboard!

But that’s not all, sign up to our paw-some newsletter through the link at the end of the game, and you’re automatically entered into our prize draw to win a month’s supply of litter, on us!


Play our clumping snake game here


To find out more about how we make our clumping litter, click here

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Natusan Play Win Game

28/07/2020 by NatuTeam

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