Outdoors vs Indoors

This week, we’re featuring a guest blog from the lovely folks over at ProtectaPet®. They provide safe outdoor territories in the way of cat fences and enclosures, and a recent study has looked at the benefits of these for both outdoor and indoor cats. 

Now, of course, not everyone has the outside space to create this for their feline friends, and many are perfectly happy staying cosy indoors. But if you’ve got the space, and you’re curious about giving your cat safe outside access, it’s worth reading on to see how the outdoors and safety fencing could benefit your cat’s wellbeing. And if you have an outdoor cat and worry about their safety, it’s definitely worth a read too.

Outdoors vs IndoorsNew research undertaken by academics at the University of Lincoln into the welfare of our beloved feline companions investigates the ongoing question that has occupied cat owners for years: does outdoor access increase your cat’s happiness?

Researchers Dr Luciana Santos de Assis and Professor Daniel Mills developed a new feline welfare score to investigate the impact of installing a controlled outside environment (i.e. physical barrier from one of the ProtectaPet® range of cat fencing solutions).

Dr de Assis said,“The new feline welfare score was built from a mathematical model of the relationships between 21 individual welfare measures. This showed their wellbeing could be considered to four dimensions: health issues, fearfulness, positivity (related to playfulness and being relaxed around their owner) and maintenance behaviours (eating, drinking, hunting and sleeping).” 

More than 400 pet cat owners took part in the study, and about a third of cats who had previously had no access were now able to enjoy the outdoors. So what do the results say about indoor and outdoor cats transitioning to a protected outside space?


Indoor Cats

  • Indoor cats who now have the cat fencing solution showed improvement with maintenance behaviours such as thirst and hunting behaviour


Outdoor Cats

  • Outdoor cats who now have the cat fencing solution showed lower health issues such as physical injuries
  • Outdoor cats who used to have unsupervised access to outside and now have the cat fencing solution showed improvement in their health issues sub-scores (e.g. physical injuries) and positivity sub-scores (willingness to play with owner, general presence around owner, and active but relaxed around the home).


Interestingly, even cats that used to have unsupervised access outside of their homes seemed to show signs of improved welfare with the ProtectaPet cat fencing solution, which shows that it’s not just them being able to do things outside that’s important, but also feeling safe while outdoors.

Outdoors vs Indoors

Dr Eve Davies, Communications Director at ProtectaPet, said, “This study represents a landmark for our British-designed product. We expected the welfare of cats who had previously been exclusively indoors to improve after the installation of ProtectaPet, but this research highlighted that the welfare of cats who had previously been used to free roaming also improved significantly. This suggests that cats who have unrestricted access to the outdoors may be exposed to stressors such as neighbourhood bullies or dangers, and the implementation of a controlled territory reduces their stress and enhances their wellbeing.”

Outdoors vs Indoors

Professor Mills added: “Many owners feel conflicted about letting their cat out, because they worry about the risks, but feel their cat would appreciate being out. Understandably many owners will keep their cats inside, but our work shows that there is a practical alternative that works, and yes—the cats do benefit from being outside, and even more so when that outside environment is protected.” 

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08/02/2022 by NatuTeam

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