Our Passion for Pets is Stronger than Ever Since Lockdown

Here at Natusan, our lives revolve around our cats, from providing them with the best food, toys and litter, to knowing when to give them a little space - even if that space is technically your spot on the sofa...


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We wanted to find out how pet parents' relationships with their cats have been impacted by the Covid lockdown, so to mark International Cat Day on Saturday (or should that be cat-urday) 7th August, we commissioned a survey and found that 4 out of 10 pet parents have said that the pandemic had made them appreciate their pets more than ever.

21% said that they thought the best thing about being a pet parent was the help in relaxing and managing their stress levels that their pets provided.



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Others highlighted the mental health benefits of having a pet, 15% of people surveyed said that their four-legged friend improves their sense of wellbeing, while 11% placed the greatest value on their pet’s ability to make them laugh. 


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We also asked pet parents for their views on other aspects of having pets, and more than a quarter (27%) said that the recent lockdown had made them think more deeply about the environment and the everyday things we can do to protect the planet.

The majority of people surveyed (67%) agreed that they had a responsibility to limit the impact their pet had on the environment, but a surprising 31% admitted to never having stopped to consider that living with a pet might have a negative impact on the world around them.


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While there are numerous benefits to being a pet parent - with 26% of people citing companionship as the best aspect of having a pet - not all owners are aware of their beloved pet’s impact on the environment, as 1 in 4 people surveyed stating that more information is needed on how to be an eco-friendly pet parent.

Enter Natusan, we’ve been making changes all the time to make our cat litter as sustainable as possible, from developing a completely natural clumping litter, to our Collect & Compost service transforming waste into fertiliser and planting trees with our partners, even in our packaging, but we’re nowhere near finished yet…



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We’ve teamed up with TV’s Dr. Scott Miller from This Morning and Vet on the Hill to help spread our sustainability message far and wide. As an animal lover and proud parent to two gorgeous cats, Dr. Scott is our kind of person, you can catch him on BBC Radio Lancashire and Shropshire this Friday, where he’ll be sharing more from our survey and talking all things feline! 

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06/08/2020 by NatuTeam

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