Our Natusan Charity Partners

Every cat deserves a happy, healthy life and a cosy home to call their own, which is why here at Natusan we work together with charity partners to help them support the cats in their care - and give them a second chance at life. 

We’re showcasing some of the amazing work that our charity partners are doing, and letting you know how we work together with them. And if a cat looking for a new home at one of their rescue centres happens to catch your eye, well, then that would just be a happy little accident!


How we work together with charity partners


Products that get a bit battered in transit and can’t be shipped to customers find a very deserving home with our charity partners. Any overstock also makes its way to their shelters too, and if they’re running low and in urgent need, we provide them with new stock. 

We also operate a partner scheme with them, so shelters can offer discount codes to new cat parents (and anyone else!) and in return, we donate £10 for every new kitty customer!


The charities we support


We have three partner charities, located in different corners of the UK. They all do great work to help cats and kittens in need and find them happy new homes, so let’s take a closer look…


London Inner City Kitties

London Inner City Kitties (or L.I.C.K.) work to rescue and rehome abandoned cats in London. They’re a volunteer-run cat rescue, working to rescue stray and abandoned cats, including finding new homes for cats whose owners can no longer care for them, and helping to educate people on the importance of neutering.


Yorkshire Cat Rescue

Yorkshire Cat Rescue saves cats and kittens in Yorkshire and beyond. Its history goes all the way back to 1992, and since then it has expanded to help cats across a much wider area of Yorkshire. With a centre in Keighley, and fosterers all over Yorkshire, they help to give abandoned and unwanted cats a second chance at life.


Rain Rescue

Rain Rescue was founded in 2002 to help pets in crisis, and they work hard to save cats and dogs in and around Yorkshire. They rescue hundreds of animals every year, including abandoned cats and dogs from council kennels that are at risk of otherwise being put down. 


How you can get involved


These smaller, local charities do such important work for the animals in their areas. If you’re local, you can spread the word to your cat-loving family and friends! We’re big believers in adoption - there are already so many cats out there that deserve a second chance, and we recommend all would-be cat parents to check out their local shelters and rescue charities when considering getting a new cat.

You can also follow them on Instagram or Facebook, and you can even keep an eye out for their discount codes - if you know a new cat parent, they can save on their first Natusan order, and the charity will get a donation at the same time!

31/08/2023 by NatuTeam

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