Our Favourite Eco-Friendly Cat Accessories

Here at Natusan we’re big believers in sustainability and being kind to the planet, which is why we developed our cat litters. It’s also why we’ve introduced the newest product to our store: eco-friendly cat beds! 

Helping cat parents to reduce their environmental impact doesn’t just stop at litter. There are many other products out there offering great planet-friendly alternatives to those everyday essentials all cat parents need. Let’s take a look at a few of our favourites, starting with our new cat beds.


Eco-Friendly Cat Accessories

Eco-Friendly Cat Bed

The newest addition to our Natusan product range, the Project Blu eco-friendly cat beds. Project Blu is a UK-based business creating products that are kinder to both pets and the planet. The cat beds are created in Italy from recycled materials, in a manufacturing process with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Project Blu combines ocean-bound plastics and recycled clothing to create a durable yet soft fabric mix that’s used in their pet beds, and the filling is also created from recycled plastics. The company works together with coastal communities in India and the Philippines to collect plastic waste from oceans, rivers and beaches. This plastic is then broken down, cleaned, filtered, and turned into long-lasting fibres with which Project Blu create their products, giving the plastic waste a new lease of life.

The cat beds are machine washable and designed with durability and longevity in mind. They’re available in two colours, plain blue and a patterned grey.


Eco-Friendly Cat Accessories

Noggins & Binkles’ Catnip Toys

Organic catnip in a recycled felt toy! Made from post-consumer recycled plastics, giving it a new lease of life, these felt toys are filled with organic catnip and are made in Noggins & Binkles’ London studio. 

Available in a range of shapes and colours, we’re huge fans of the lightning bolt and cloud shapes, and the spooky ghost cat toy is perfect for Halloween! If your cat is into catnip, we’re sure they’ll be fans too!


Eco-Friendly Cat Accessories

Natusan Cat Litter Scoop

We couldn’t talk about eco-friendly cat accessories without mentioning Natusan, and there’s another accessory that has recently been added to our product range: the Sugar Cane Litter Scoop!

Natusan cat litter offers a natural and biodegradable option for cat owners, with both Natusan Wood and Natusan Wheat made from industry by-products, so of course our new scoop has planet-friendly credentials too! It’s made with bio-plastic from 100% renewable sources and is 100% recyclable, and combined with Natusan’s tight-clumping, it can help you to drastically cut down on litter waste.

When switching to Natusan from a non-clumping litter, you could reduce litter waste by up to a whopping 65%! That’s a lot of cat litter saved from landfill. Use the scoop to remove the clumps, and you can go a whole month without a full tray change! 


Eco-Friendly Cat Accessories

Beco Food & Water Bowls

Made from plant-based materials—bamboo and rice husk—these bowls are a great eco-friendly option if you’re in the market for a new food or water bowl for your cat, or need accessories for a new four-legged friend joining your home.

We love the printed cat bowl in the ocean wave pattern, and the classic bamboo cat bowl that comes in a range of colours including blue and pink. Both have low edges to reduce the chance of whisker interference, making them more comfortable for your cat. 

14/09/2022 by NatuTeam

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