Natusan's Next Top Models: Nola

It’s that time again!

A few weeks ago we launched our competition to find Natusan’s Next Top Models and you helped us pick our winners on Instagram!

Here’s the second of Natusan's Next Top Models…


Natusan Cat Model Nola


This gorgeous bundle of fluff is Nola (AKA Noli-Pops & Rolly Polly Noli), who lives with her parent Devon in East London.


What breed is Nola?

She is a blue smoke Maine Coon.


How old is she?

Nola is 5 months old.


Nola Cat Leash Natusan 



What is Nola’s favourite food?

Nola loves to eat boiled chicken, she also tries to eat pretty much whatever is on our plates!


Nola Cat Natusan Model


What is Nola’s favourite pastime?

Nola enjoys cuddles, watching birds from the window and sitting on our shoulders. 


Cat Natusan Model


What is Nola’s favourite toy?

Her favourite toy is a little pink mouse but she also loves plastic wrappers.


Is there anything Nola doesn’t like?

Nola does not like being by herself and follows us absolutely everywhere, you can’t leave a room without her joining you! 


Nola Cat Natusan


Do you have any other pets?

We don’t have any other pets, I’m not sure Nola would be keen on sharing all of the attention she gets!


Nola Cat Natusan


Does Nola ever do anything naughty?

She likes to get her claws in our brand new velvet bed.


Natusan Cat Model


What is Nola’s favourite petting spot?

Nola likes tummy rubs and tickles on the top of her head. 


What is your favourite feature on Nola?

I love the long tufts on the tips of her ears.


Natusan Cat Model


How would you describe Nola in three words?

Cuddly, crazy and cute! 


Where can we follow you?

You can follow Nola on Instagram @mainecoon_nola


Natusan Cat Model

31/07/2020 by NatuTeam

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