Natusan's Next Top Models: Moffles

A few weeks ago we launched our competition to find Natusan’s Next Top Models and you helped us pick our winners on Instagram!

It’s time again to meet one of Natusan’s Next Top Models!


Natusan Cat Litter Model


This little fella is Moffles, also known as Moffle Waffle and Beanie Baby, who lives with pet parents Bethany and Jamie in St. Albans.


How old is Moffles? 

Moffles is currently 21 weeks old, born on the 28th of March this year, he’s still a mischievous little kitten but he’s growing up way too fast.


What is Moffles’ favourite food?

Moffles favourite food is Dreamies, specifically Duck Dreamies, he’ll do almost anything to get them.

But he will try and get a bite of whatever it is we’re eating anyway. 


Natusan Cat Litter Model


What is Moffles’ favourite toy?

Moffles is still a playful little kitten so his favourite thing is to dart from one toy to the next.

He loves the laser pointer but also loves pulling receipts from our shopping bags and running around the house with them. 


Natusan Cat Toy Litter Model  


What is Moffles’ favourite pastime?

Moffles absolutely loves being taken out and exploring. We take him with us when we go out as much as possible.

He loves people, when we take him out in the harness as soon as we leave he just curls up in my arms and loves to be cuddled by everyone.

Sometimes he comes to visit me at work and my co-workers just adore him. We want him to be as friendly with people as possible and he truly just melts hearts. 


Natusan Cat Litter Model


How would you describe Moffles in three words?

In three words Moffles is a crazy, cuddly, affectionate kitten. He’s absolutely perfect to us. 


Natusan Cat Litter Model


Do you have any other pets? Do they get along?

Moffles is an only child in our house but we often take him to our parents houses where he sees Tigger the Tabby at Bethany’s Mum’s and Ollie the Collie at Jamie’s Parents.

Both of them are a lot older than Moffles so they mostly just tolerate his antics. Although Tigger does not like it when Moffles tries to eat his adult food, they’re quite happy to sleep together on the same cosy armchair. 


Natusan Cat Litter Model



What is Moffles' favourite place for a cuddle?

Just before bed time is when we get the most cuddles from Moffy.

He loves to curl up in a ball next to Jamie’s head, lick his ear and softly knead his face. 


Natusan Cat Litter Model


Does Moffles ever do anything naughty?

The one naughty thing that Moffs likes to do is climb our bedroom curtains and sit on the bar at the top. We’re slowly trying to train him to stop but in reality it’s just so funny that we’re waiting for him to grow out of it before replacing the curtains. 


Natusan Cat Litter Model


What is your favourite feature on Moffles?

It’s hard to pick just one favourite feature about Moffles, he’s such a beautiful little baby.

He’s got the cutest little beans and he’s got just one little patch of grey fur above his eye on an otherwise all white kitten and his long ear tufts are just adorable. 


Natusan Cat Litter Model



Where can we follow you?

Follow Moffles to watch him grow up and see more kitten antics on Instagram @moffle_thewaffle


Natusan Cat Litter Model

21/08/2020 by NatuTeam

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