Natusan's Next Top Models: Lady Leia

A few weeks ago we launched our competition to find Natusan’s Next Top Models and you helped us pick our winners on Instagram!

Here's the final of Natusan’s Next Top Models!


Leia Natusan Cat Litter Model


This fluffball is Lady Leia, who lives with pet parents Susku and Cuneyt in London.


What breed is Lady Leia?

She is a Himalayan.


How old is she?

She is 2 and a half years old.


Lady Leia Natusan's Next Top Models


How did you meet?

I really wanted her to be healthy so we got her when she was 8 weeks old so she could be weaned properly.

She was a tiny little baby, still is for us but then she could fit in my hand.

It is an amazing feeling. She was licking my ears thinking its her mother. So she made me feel that way I adored her everyday even more and more.

She is a big part of our life. Our little baby girl Leia. 


Leia Natusan Cat Litter Model


What is Lady Leia's favourite food?

She loves wet food. But then she loves chicken in general. She goes crazy about the smell of chicken. She doesn’t like fish that much unlike other cats. 


Leia Natusan Cat Litter Model


What is Lady Leia's favourite pastime?

She loves to run the Robot Vacuum Cleaner. She loves watching it, trying to run behind it and sometimes the robot takes her for a ride.

It's so funny to watch them. Also she does all the cleaning for me. Such a good girl! 


Leia Natusan Cat Litter Model


What is Lady Leia's Favourite Toy?

Bottle lids, she loves them!


Is there anything Lady Leia doesn’t like?



Leia Natusan Cat Litter Model



How would you describe Lady Leia in three words?

Unique, emotional, brave.


Do you have any other pets? Do they get along? 

I don't. She is the only one. 


Leia Natusan Cat Litter Model



What is Lady Leia's favourite place for a cuddle? 

Our bedroom, she loves the blanket on the bed. It makes her feel very secured.


Does Lady Leia ever do anything naughty? 

She ate my left over cake once. 


Leia Natusan Cat Litter Model


What is Lady Leia's favourite petting spot?

She loves to put her head into our palm. She feel so secured. 


What is your favourite feature on Lady Leia?

Her eyes, nose, mouth. 


Lady Leia Natusan Competition Winner 



Do you have a funny story about Lady Leia?  

During quarantine days I made a film about me and my cat. It was so much fun to do the whole thing. You have to watch it and you will know what I mean.


Natusan Cat Litter Model


Where can we follow you? 

On Instagram at @ladyleiacat



Natusan Next Top Model Leia

28/08/2020 by NatuTeam

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