Natusan's Next Top Models: Costa

A couple of weeks ago we launched our competition to find Natusan’s Next Top Models and we were inundated with hundreds of entries!

With so many gorgeous cats to choose from, it wasn’t easy, but with a little help from our Instagram followers we found our final five, and without any further ado, here is the first…


Costa cat Natusan Model


This little bundle of joy is Costa, who lives with his brother Nero and parents Joshua and Michael in the North East of England.


What breed is Costa?

He is a mixed breed, his Mam has the same fur pattern as him, and his Dad is a Tabby cat.


How old is he?

Costa is almost 4 months of age, he was born with 4 other siblings on the 13th March 2020.


Costa Cat Natusan


How did you meet?

As soon as we saw Costa, we fell in love with him straight away, but we had to wait six whole weeks before we could collect him.

His previous pet parent was very informative & gave us regular updates on Costa’s journey at a young kitten. After waiting patiently and preparing the house for Costa’s arrival, we finally collected him.

The journey home with him was rather a surprise because, as we all know, kittens are shy at first with new owners, but Costa wanted to sit on my chest, whilst looking out the car window. He settled straight in with us & became a very cuddly, loving kitten.


Costa Cat Natusan


What is Costa’s favourite food?

Costa mostly likes his poultry & seafood dishes. He mainly prefers Turkey and his eyes beam when he can smell it in his bowl.

He loves to meow when he waits for his food to be dished out and sometimes climbs up my back to make sure he is getting a good portion haha!

Also, he love the chew sticks, once you give a treat he scarpers into a hiding spot to enjoy it.

The best thing to do is just leave to eat it, otherwise if you get close to him he will growl "Back off! This treat is all mine." haha.


Costa Cat Natusan


What is Costa’s Favourite Toy?

Costa likes anything that has a string attached, with either a feather at the end or a bell. He likes for me to hide his toy so he can hunt it and catch it like a pro!


Do you have any other pets? Do they get along?

After one month of having Costa, we decided to get a second kitten. We introduced Nero "The Ginger Tabby".

Costa wasn't best pleased at first, but then within two weeks of introducing them gradually, he start to make a trilling sound around Nero, like he was saying "follow me".

We were quite lucky for them settle together after two weeks, because most cats take a lot longer to get along. They both are inseparable now and love each other so much.


Costa Nero Natusan 



Is there anything Costa doesn’t like?

Costa hates the hoover, he scarpers as fast as lightning when I switch it on. He also can be rather jealous of his little brother Nero when he plays with the toys. He likes to push Nero away, sometimes they have a friendly scrap over the toy. It is very funny watching them play together.


Costa Cat Natusan


What is Costa’s favourite place for a cuddle?

Costa loves to jump up on our chests, he makes a purring sound and pats his paws on us to get comfortable. He then lays down and wants us to stroke his neck or nose whilst brushing up against our hands.


Does Costa ever do anything naughty?

He mostly becomes naughty if Nero is getting the attention haha. He will start fighting with the rug like a spoilt child or start clawing the tower. But when say “No” to him he listens and calms down for us.


Costa Cat Natusan


What is your favourite feature on Costa?

Mine and Michael’s favourite feature on Costa is his white curved stripe on his face. It makes him look very unique with his fur pattern. Thats what drew us to him in the first place.


How would you describe Costa in three words?

Loving, Clever & Mischievous.


Costa Cat Natusan


Where can we follow you?

You can follow Costa & his brother Nero on Instagram at @costa_and_nero


Costa Cat Natusan

24/07/2020 by NatuTeam

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