Natusan's Next Top Model: Wilson

few weeks ago we launched our competition to find Natusan’s Next Top Models and you helped us pick our winners on Instagram!

It’s time again to meet one of Natusan’s Next Top Models!

 Wilson Natusan Cat Model


This handsome chap is Wilson, who lives with his parent Ellie and sister Effy in Cheshire.


What breed is Wilson?

Wilson is a Russian grey x Maine coon.


How old is Wilson?

He was 9 months old on the 25th of July.


Wilson Natusan Cat Model


How did you meet?

We got Effy (Wilson's sister) as a kitten but she really wouldn't settle in our home. She just cried for about a week, so after research we contacted the owner and asked if we could get another kitten. We went back and got Wilson and the rest is history.


Wilson Natusan Cat Model


What is Wilson’s favourite food?

Wilson is quite a fussy eater, he doesn't like fish of any sort but he absolutely LOVES Dreamies!


Wilson Natusan Cat Model


What is Wilson’s favourite pastime?

Wilson spends most of his day as the guardian and protector of the bath tub. He has claimed it as his own (as long as there's no water in it...)


What is Wilson’s Favourite Toy?

His favourite toys are anything that looks like a mouse.


Wilson Natusan Cat Model


Is there anything Wilson doesn’t like?

Wilson has sensitive skin, so we bath him occasionally with special shampoo. Wilson turns into some form of gremlin and gets his claws out as he HATES the bath more than anything in the world.


Wilson Natusan Cat Model


How would you describe Wilson in three words?

I would describe Wilson as a poser, chunky and cheeky.


Do you have any other pets? Do they get along?

Wilson lives with his sister Effy and they are the best of furrends and partners in crime.


Wilson Natusan Cat Model



What is Wilson’s favourite place for a cuddle?

Wilson loves to sit on the arm of the sofa next to me when he wants a bit of attention and a cuddle.


Wilson Natusan Cat Model


Does Wilson ever do anything naughty?

He likes to destroy the toilet roll and pull it off the holder. He then drags it round the house.


What is Wilson’s favourite petting spot?

Wilson loves to be scratched right at the base of his tail. Its his favourite!


What is your favourite feature on Wilson?

My favourite feature on Wilson is his fluffy toes! He has loads of hairs sticking out in-between his toe beans.


Wilson Natusan Cat Model


Do you have a funny story about Wilson?

When Wilson was a kitten he wanted to sniff outside the window... safe to say he got more than he bargained for when he found himself on the floor outside crying. 


Where can we follow you?

The main place to find us is on our instagram - @effyandwilson


Wilson Natusan Cat Model

11/08/2020 by NatuTeam

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