Natusan In The Ecologi Top 100

We’re kicking off this week’s blog with an exciting announcement: we made it into Ecologi’s Top 100 businesses! And it’s thanks to you, our Natusan customers.

Here at Natusan we partner with Ecologi to plant a tree for every purchase and help fund climate positive projects, and we’re now delighted to be part of Ecologi’s Top 100 in their Tree Planting Leaderboard. More than 14,000 businesses partner with Ecologi, so hitting the Top 100 is a huge achievement.

Natusan x Ecologi

Since we joined Ecologi 20 months ago we’ve helped to plant over 73,000 trees, funding 32 projects, and offset more than 156 tonnes of carbon! You can see our stats over on our Natusan Ecologi page. 


Natusan In The Ecologi

We can’t wait to see how many more trees we can help to plant with your help. It’s not just planting trees, either: Ecologi supports many other climate positive projects to help communities live more sustainably, protect and restore land, and offset carbon emissions. 

New Ecologi Projects

Today we’re taking a closer look at two of the climate positive projects Ecologi is supporting around the globe: a wind power project in South Africa, and a solar power project in Vietnam. Both projects aim to reduce dependency on coal, the most polluting source of energy, and instead increase…


Natusan In The Ecologi

Wind Power in South Africa

South Africa generates almost half of Africa’s energy, but South Africa has been suffering an ongoing power crisis for the past 14 years, with power cuts and blackouts because supply just can’t keep up with demand. 

In 2021, just over 3% of South Africa’s energy came from renewable sources, but the country is aiming for 15.7% of its energy to come from wind power by 2030—with a further 10.5% planned to come from solar power. 

Renewable energy projects in South Africa can therefore help to alleviate the energy crisis while also reducing carbon emissions. 

The Project

The wind power project is located in the Northern Cape Province, and is made up of 96 wind turbines. As well as reducing the need for fossil fuel generated energy, the project also prevents air pollution and generates jobs for the local area. 

The project developers also set up a health project for local residents, as well as travelling to schools to provide healthcare services to local children.

You can find out more about this wind power project directly from Ecologi. 


Natusan In The Ecologi

Solar Power in Vietnam

Vietnam has also been suffering from power shortages, due to a huge increase in demand and insufficient supply. Vietnam’s energy sector is reliant on coal, so shortages in coal result in disruptions to the country’s power supply. 

In 2021, 5.5% of Vietnam’s energy came from solar power—and this project aims to help that number increase.

The Project

Located in Binh Thuan province, this project will cover around 60 hectares and generate energy that would otherwise have been generated from the burning of fossil fuels. 

Care was taken to minimise the project’s impact on the local environment and steps taken to reduce any pollution. The project also has support funds in place to contribute to living standards in the local area. 

You can read more about the solar power project in Vietnam on Ecologi’s website. 

23/08/2022 by NatuTeam

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