#NationalPetDay: Gus & Maisie’s Story

Gus and Maisie are the blue and lilac British Shorthairs who live with Rachel, our Chief Wonder Officer.

We pulled Rachel aside for a quick chat about their story for #NationalPetDay.


How long have you had Gus & Maisie?

We got Gus in December 2018 and Maisie in December 2019. 


How did they come into your life?

I grew up with cats my whole life, and then when I moved to London I was renting an apartment so couldn't have any. 

Then about 2 years into me and my partner living together, I said to him that I was craving having a pet in my life again.

He’d never had pets so was quite skeptical. It took me a long time to convince him to get a cat, but eventually he caved.

When we met Gus for the first time, I knew instantly that he was going to be our cat. 


british shorthair cat


So you grew up with pets?

Yes, my family have pretty much always had cats. We got our first one when I was 4 years old and we’ve had at least one at my parent’s house ever since. 

We moved countries a lot when I was younger, even when we moved to Saudi Arabia we took the cat with us, when we moved to Spain and all these different countries, the cats always came with us.


How did the cats take to traveling?

Actually, not too bad, we had one cat - her name was Cutie Pie (my sister named her when she was 5) and she made the big move to Saudi with us. I think that must've been tough initially, but otherwise they were all used to different environments. 


What were the first few days like for G&M in their new home?

When we first brought Gus home he was very shy, he was around 13 weeks old. It was Christmas at the time and I remember he hid under the Christmas tree for the whole evening. We finally managed to coax him out using what would become his favourite yellow feather teaser.

After that he settled really quickly, it was so interesting because his original mum told us he was really shy, being the only one in the litter, and then he really came out of his shell and just wanted to be around us all the time. 


british shorthair cat piano


Maisie is an independent lady, so she was completely fine, but Gus took a while to get used to her being there. It took a good three to four months before he was completely settled with her. 


british shorthair kitten



Did they fight at first?

Not really, as Maisie was so tiny. But Gus did used to ignore her or look incredibly irritated by her! She was oblivious as all kittens are and used to wind him up by chasing his tail and trying to cuddle up next to him. 


cats playing grooming



Do they get along now?

Most of the time, but just like any other siblings, they have their moments! Sometimes they can get a bit boisterous when playing, but they can both hold their own.

They’re sweet together though, Maisie will be in the living room and Gus upstairs and he’ll just start screaming his strange meows. Her ears will prick up and you know he’s saying “come play with me!” and she trots off upstairs to join him.

They always sleep on the same sofa or the same bed, they don’t quite cuddle but they sleep next to each other which is lovely.


british shorthair cat on bed


What is something about Gus and Maisie that is unlike any other cats?

Maisie is the most talkative cat i've ever had. Any time you speak to her, she'll reply. She trills more than any cat I've ever met. If you go near her, wave near her, even if you look at her she will trill.

Gus is more of a Muma’s boy than any other cat I’ve known. He’s a sensitive soul and he likes to be cuddled. He really misses you if you're away, he waits at the door for you when you're out and he’ll be at the door waiting for you when you get home.


How did you name them?

With Gus, because we wanted a name that was different, we actually came across Angus, which is relevant to my Scottish roots, but my partner said “what about Gus?” - and given Gus’s size and shape I think it really suits him, he looks like a Gus.

With Maisie, again we were going through a list of classic cat names that you would expect (like Bella, don’t tell Kieran!…) and we actually didn’t name Maisie for a few weeks because we couldn’t find one that suited her.

We knew when we got Maisie that she was a troublemaker, and we were also watching The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel at the time. Maisie just had this personality about her, we knew she was going to rule the roost, so we went for Maisie and now one of her many nicknames is Mrs. Maisel.


Natusan cat litter and cat


Any other nicknames?

Gus: Gussy, Gustopher, Gus Bus, G, G-Unit, G-Meister, Gi-Gi-Bear.

Maisie: Mrs. Maisel, Maisel-Baise, Moo, Fatty Catty (a term of endearment) and Sexy Mama. 


Is there anything they do that you don’t like?

When they play chases, they knock things over. They nearly knocked over a new vase the other day. So naughty. 


Are there any consequences? 

Nothing at all, I just laugh! I sent a video of them doing zoomies and nearly knocking over the vase this week to one of my good friends and she said “what is wrong with you, how can you laugh at that!” haha!

The only thing that Gus does that I don't like is very smelly poos, but luckily I have Natusan for that ;)

Other than that, they can't do anything wrong in my eyes.


british shorthair cat on lap


Have you thought about extending your furry family in the future?

Yes, absolutely. When we move we will get a dog (my partner doesn't know this yet!) - my dream is to have a farm with as many animals as possible, I’d love to be surrounded by animals!


Fave food?

M - ham

G - chicken 


Favourite spot to sleep?

Maisie has her own tent, she sleeps in it all the time, and Gus sleeps in an empty Natusan litter box which is now a bed with blankets in, otherwise they like to sleep on our bed, of course.


cats in boxes and tent


Fave toy?

Gus’s favourite toy is “Original Mousey” - it's no longer got a tail or any eyes and it is pretty grey (it was once white) and he's had it since he was a kitten and brings it out only on special occasions.

Gus also plays fetch, so he loves it when we throw a soft ball that he can pick up, we play fetch every single night.


gus cat toy british shorthair


Maisie loves what we call “dragonfly” but isn't actually a dragonfly nor does it look like one, but that's what we call it - it's a wand, anything with a wand that she can chase she absolutely loves. And a laser pen. It is interesting that they actually like different toys.


Is there anything they don’t like?

Gus is a scaredy cat, so anything that has a noise - hoovers, brooms, bags, you name it. Maisie isn't scared of anything, she is invincible.


Gus cat chattering 



If you could describe Gus and Maisie in three words, what would they be?

G - Mumma’s-Boy, Sensitive, Loving 

M - Energetic, Talkative, Fearless 


If you could talk to Gus and Maisie for 10 seconds what would you say?

I'm pretty sure they understand everything I say anyway! Haha

09/04/2021 by NatuTeam

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