Making the Switch: Rachel & Lola’s Natusan Story

We absolutely love hearing how you and your cats get on with Natusan litter, so when Rachel from Portsmouth Cat Sitting wrote all about her cat Lola’s switch to Natusan, we couldn’t resist sharing! Here’s Rachel (and Lola’s) story, with the link to the original article below…


When we lived with Mr Ringo he used a sand-like litter from a well known supermarket and pet store. The sandy litter was soft on his paws and this was important as he was elderly and had some arthritis.

In the wild cats prefer to use a fine sand, as it is soft on paws and easy to dig and bury their waste, this is important to keep their presence hidden from predators, so feline behaviourists will always recommend a sandy litter.

I always worried that the litter we used for Mr Ringo was not good for the environment but I didn’t want to stress an older cat with new litter so decided to change the brand when we adopted Lola. I was excited and pleased to be offered a free sample from Natusan to try for Lola and we have been using it since November 2022.


Natusan cat


Natusan litter is made from a PEFC-certified recycled wood and is a by-product of the timber industry. The natural material is biodegradable and it comes in Wood or Wheat, and both have long-lasting odour control and both types are chemical and fragrance free. This is important to me as most cats dislike fragrances in their litter and it just covers up the smell which a regularly cleaned tray shouldn’t have anyway.

So what did we think of it? Well after mixing it in the Lola’s normal litter and eventually just using Natusan, Lola seemed happy to use it, in fact she loved lying in it and playing in it! I think she was using this behaviour as attention seeking as it always got my attention when she flicked it all over the floor!

When Lola uses it normally she seems very happy and it is great at clumping and doesn’t leave a lot of tracking on the carpet when leaving the tray. It’s light and smells of natural wood and looks lovely and clean.

I am definitely using less litter, and the litter clumps of wee are lighter and don’t appear to smell. It is about £17 for 10L, which seems more expensive but it is lasting so much longer and the lack of odour from wee is worth it. I can’t comment on the odour control with Lola’s poo as she doesn’t cover it and so it can be a bit whiffy!!


Natusan cat


Natusan always seem to be having offers so it’s well worth signing up for their newsletters. You can also sign up for a subscription service to deliver every month, so I may well do this in the future.

You can flush small amounts down the loo but I don’t as I’m not sure this is ideal for the plumbing and drainage system so choose not to. I therefore pop it into biodegradable poo bags and place in the normal bin.

Lola uses a high sided open top litter tray and has two trays in the house. I like open trays for cats, especially if they live in multi cat households as some cats will attack other cats when leaving the tray if it is covered. It’s important for a cat to feel safe in its tray and stress can therefore be avoided.

The packaging Natusan uses is paper with no plastic and can be put in the recycling bin.

This product was sent to me to try for Lola free of charge and this is an honest review giving you my opinion and is not just positive because it was free. I recommend this litter and will be buying it in the near future. If you are interested in Natusan it’s worth checking out their website as they do other products too including cat beds, litter bags, dried food and scoops.

Lola and I wish you all a Happy 2023!

Love and purrs Rachel & Lola xx


Natusan cat


A huge thank you to Rachel and Lola for sharing their experience with Natusan! Read the original post.



07/02/2023 by NatuTeam

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