Little ways to be more sustainable in 2022

January can be full of articles and statements about resolutions, committing to changes, and taking big steps. But what if that all feels a bit overwhelming? We believe that even small changes can make a big difference, which is why to start off the new year on our blog we’re bringing you a collection of little ways to live more sustainably in 2022—and even though they’re small, they can still make a big difference!

We probably won’t be running a marathon this year, or squeezing all of our yearly plastic waste into a Pringles tube, but these small changes and your daily life can still help you be kinder to the planet, and maybe even yourself.


Little ways to be more sustainable


It gets bigger every year: people committing to going vegan for one whole month. If you’re not already taking part in this year’s Veganuary, why not consider committing to a few plant-based days a week, swapping out some of your usual meals for plant-based alternatives, or getting that coffee with oat milk instead? The Soil Association has some great information on the links between meat and climate change, here, as well as advice for ways to eat more sustainably. 


Little ways to be more sustainable

Take your own reusable coffee cup if you’re drinking on the go

Those paper takeaway coffee cups aren’t recyclable - they might seem like they’re made from paper but they have a thin layer of plastic material to stop them getting soggy, which also makes them difficult or impossible to recycle! If you can’t enjoy your coffee at the cafe, then try keeping a reusable cup in your bag. We love this one from Stojo, which squishes down extra small so you can always have it handy! Plus, many cafes offer incentives and perks for those who bring their own cups and save on waste!


Little ways to be more sustainable

Research your council’s recycling guidelines

Okay, so this may not be at the top of your reading list, but we promise it’s worth it! It can be tempting to chuck everything in that recycling bin and just hope for the best, but taking the time to find out exactly what can and can’t be recycled in your area will help you to really recycle effectively. Plus, those items (like soft plastics) that can’t generally be recycled can often be returned to big stores, so get into the habit of saving them up and taking them back on your weekly shopping trips.


Little ways to be more sustainable

Leave the car at home

This might not always be the most appealing option, especially in winter time, but opting to walk or bike for shorter journeys and take public transport for longer ones is a simple way to reduce your impact on the environment. Public transport is almost always better for the environment than travelling by car, and the more people using each bus or train, the better the savings on emissions!


Little ways to be more sustainable

Make simple sustainable swaps

Those items you buy every week may have a more sustainable alternative, whether that’s switching dairy milk for oat milk, swapping your old clay cat litter for our natural, biodegradable cat litter! Introducing bug-based foods to your pet’s diet is another simple switch that’s kinder to the planet, so why not give Lovebug a try too?


Little ways to be more sustainable

Repair, reuse, swap, and shop secondhand

Buying less is an incredibly simple way to live more sustainably. We already know the impact that fashion has on the environment, and fast fashion in particular. It can be tempting to throw things out once the buttons start falling off and a couple of tears appear, but instead of replacing them immediately, why not re-learn your school sewing skills and give them a new lease of life? Donating unwanted goods or swapping with friends and family are other great ways to give unwanted items a new home and avoid the amount of waste sent to landfill. 

07/01/2022 by NatuTeam

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