Invest In Our Planet: Earth Day 2022

Friday 22nd April is Earth Day, and this year’s theme is Invest In Our Planet. As you probably know by now, at Natusan we’re passionate about reducing waste and giving pet parents options that are kinder to the planet. There’s never been a more important time to invest in our planet, so we’re taking a closer look at Earth Day and the ways in which we can all help to make a difference.

What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is where the modern environmental movement began. It’s more than just one day: it’s a movement to mobilise, educate and diversify the fight for the future of our planet, celebrated on the anniversary of the very first Earth Day. EarthDay.Org works with more than 150,000 partners in 192 countries to push for positive action for the planet. 


Earth Day 2022

How did Earth Day begin?

Earth Day began in 1970—over 50 years ago. The first Earth Day was held on April 22nd 1970 in the US. 20 million Americans (a huge 10% of the US population at that time!) came together to protest about the devastating environmental impact of big industries, from toxic waste and other pollution to the destruction of wilderness and wildlife. The first Earth Day had a huge impact: it led to the creation of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as well as new laws designed to protect the environment and keep people safe, like the Clean Air Act. 

What’s happening this year?

This year’s Earth Day theme is Invest In Our Planet. To get involved, you can find an Earth Day event near you (or register your own!). From planting trees to taking part in clean-ups, there are so many ways to get involved and make a difference. They’ve put together some tips, including 52 ways to invest in our planet. These include:

  • Buying local food (or growing your own!)
  • Organising a community clean-up
  • Switching to reusable bags, bottles and more, to eliminate single-use plastics
  • Using environmentally friendly cleaning products

And there are so many more ways to get involved and make a difference, every day of the year! 


Earth Day 2022

How can we invest in our planet?

Investing in our planet can mean taking the time to educate yourself and others about environmental issues, pushing organisations and officials to make changes, or investing in more sustainable options with a smaller environmental footprint. That could be something as big as solar panels, or as simple as a reusable coffee cup for your morning latte! There are plenty of everyday swaps and changes we can choose: a metal water bottle can replace single-use plastic water bottles when you’re out and about, while opting to compost our food scraps can help to tackle the huge environmental impact of food waste.

At Natusan we’ve developed our cat litter to be kinder to the environment and to reduce waste. By switching to Natusan from a non-clumping litter, you could reduce your waste by up to 65%! Our litter is made from 100% PEFC certified recycled wood materials, a by-product of the timber industry—which means no additional trees are felled to create it. And we work together with Ecologi to plant a tree for every order, and invest in climate-positive projects.

There are other ways for cat parents to invest in our planet, too! We all know that eating less meat is good for the planet, which is why Lovebug have developed their insect-based cat food. It’s nutritionally complete and gives your cat all the goodness they need, but without the environmental impact of meat—good for cats, and good for the planet. 

Whether you’re a new cat parent, or just want to make the switch to more sustainable options, our Sustainable Cat Care Bundle is a great place to start! It includes our 100% natural Natusan cat litter, and a bag of Lovebug cat food for your cats to try.  

Earth Day 2022

Find out more about Earth Day 2022 here, and if you want to learn more about our sustainability steps at Natusan, take a look at our impact.

20/04/2022 by NatuTeam

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