Introducing Natusan Bundles

At Natusan we believe that cat parents shouldn’t have to sacrifice on sustainability when it comes to looking after their feline friends. Cat litter is a daily essential for cat owners, which is why we developed our 100% biodegradable cat litter - it’s not only kinder to the planet, but also cuts down on waste too.

And while we’re all about cat litter here at Natusan, we also bring together eco-friendly cat accessories that perfectly complement our litter products, from trays and scoops to other essentials for life with a cat! Now we’re bringing them all together to make life easier for both new and current cat parents with a whole range of sustainable cat litter bundles. With our most popular products in one convenient bundle, you can combine and save - and be sure of some very happy cats.

Let’s take a closer look at our cat litter bundles to help you discover the perfect bundle for you and your cats, and see just how much you could save...


Essential Bundles for life with cats

Whether you’re adopting your first cat, adding another cat to your family, or simply upgrading your cat’s current litter situation, our Natusan Wood bundles have got everything you’ll need. 


Eco-Friendly Cat Essentials Bundle

Get 10l of Natusan Wood cat litter, a Beco litter tray, our Sugar Cane Litter Scoop *and* a pack of 25 compostable and biodegradable 35l waste bags - and save 15% on the lot! If your cat’s in need of a new litter tray, or you’re introducing another cat to your home, then this is the bundle for you. 

A fluffy cat stands next to a litter tray and a bag of Natusan cat litter 

Litter Starter Kit 

If your cat is more of a litter box kind of cat, then we’ve got them covered (literally). The Litter Starter Kit combines our Recyclable Litter Box with a 10l bag of Natusan Wood sustainable litter and a Sugar Cane Litter Scoop, making it the perfect choice for cats that prefer a covered tray.

The Natusan litter box next to a bag of Natusan cat litter and a litter scoop 

Cozy Kit Bundle

If you fancy getting your paws on one of our Project Blu Eco-Friendly Nest Cat Beds, then the Cozy Kit Bundle is one of the best ways to do it. These cat beds are made from a mix of recycled cotton and ocean-bound plastics, all turned into ultra-comfy pet beds. Choose from blue or grey, and you’ll also get a 10l bag of Natusan Wood litter - and make big savings on both!

a grey shorthair cat sits between a cat bed and a bag of Natusan cat litter


Our Kitten Bundles

If you’re welcoming a kitten into your home, then these are the Natusan bundles for you! Our Natusan Wheat litter is perfect for kittens, so of course it’s the star of our kitten bundles. And if you’re adopting a new kitten, check out our kitten checklist for all you need to know in advance!


Kitten Starter Kit 

The Kitten Starter Kit combines a 20l bag of Natusan Wheat with the Project Blu Eco-Friendly Cat Bed, the perfect cosy spot for your new kitten to snooze the day away. And by opting for the bundle, you’ll save 15%!

a grey and white kitten sits in a cat bed next to a bag of Natusan Wheat cat litter


Kitten Starter Kit XXL 

With the Kitten Start Kit XXL, you still get our Natusan Wheat litter and the Eco-Friendly Nest Cat Bed, but with the added bonus of the Beco Litter Tray and our Sugar Cane Litter Scoop - providing you with all the cat litter essentials needed for your new kitten. And if you choose to go with the XXL bundle, you’ll be saving a whopping 20%!

a dark grey kitten sits between a cat bed, a litter tray, and a bag of Natusan Wheat litter


Once you’ve found the purr-fect bundle for you and your cats, you can continue the savings with your next order of your chosen litter by opting to Subscribe & Save, order in bulk, or both! And if you’re new to cat parenting, why not take a look at our blog to find out more about life with cats? In our Cat Guide, you’ll find loads of articles covering topics like litter, behaviour, cat care and grooming!

25/04/2023 by NatuTeam

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