Introducing The New Moderna Cat Accessories

We’ve added a new range of accessories to Natusan! This new range of essentials from Moderna adds to our selection of everyday cat accessories, so you can find all that you need for a happy and healthy cat in one place. 

For travel and vet trips there are two varieties of cat carriers, plus an all-important litter box, and a set of handy double feeding bowls! Let’s take a closer look…


a grey british shorthair cat sitting on top of a litter box


Mega Deluxe Litter Box

Of course we’re starting with the litter box. We all know that every cat is different, which is why we’ve added Moderna’s Mega Deluxe Litter Box to our selection - some cats just need a little more privacy! This roomy litter box has an extra deep tray, and a translucent door to give your cats additional privacy, and help to prevent litter being kicked out of the tray. It’s the perfect partner for your cat’s Natusan cat litter!


a grey british shorthair cat laying inside a cat carrier


Road Runner Cat Carrier

Maybe your cat’s a regular traveller, or maybe they just head out for their vet visits. Either way, it’s vital to have a cat carrier that keeps them safe and gives them plenty of space and fresh air. The Road Runner Cat Carrier is the first of two cat carriers now available. It’s a medium sized carrier, suitable for cats weighing up to 8kg - and it even comes with a seat belt slot for added safety in the car.


a grey british shorthair cat sitting next to a cat carrier


Odyssey Cat Carrier

The Odyssey Cat Carrier is slightly smaller, and ideal for cats up to 7kg in weight, but it’s surprisingly spacious. It has an increased inner height to help your cats feel comfortable, and two choices of openings - both the top and the front can open up, for easier loading in and out. For added safety, the front door has a multi-point lock and the top door comes with a sliding lock.


a grey british shorthair cat eating kibble from a bright red double bowl


Double Gusto Bowls

And last but not least we have the Double Gusto Bowls to keep their water and food side by side, available in two great colour options: spicy coral and aquarelle. These bowls are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and have raised sides for easy pick up - so there’ll be no more spilling water on the floor every time you pick up and put down their bowls!

If you want to discover even more cat accessories, read about our range of Fiboo cat accessories, with even more daily essentials for life with cats.

03/10/2023 by NatuTeam

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