Introducing: Fiboo Pet Accessories!

We’re excited to introduce you to the newest additions to Natusan: Fiboo pet accessories! Fiboo creates eco-friendly pet products designed for animals and their needs. All Fiboo products are 100% made in Poland, and the brand uses a range of materials that are kinder to the planet. 

We’ve brought together a collection of Fiboo accessories that are purr-fect for cats - and their humans - so let’s take a look at the product range!


a grey shorthair cat walks out of a litter box and onto two grey litter mats side by side


Litter Mat

If you find that your cat tracks litter outside of their litter tray, then the Fiboo Litter Mat is the ideal solution. It measures up at 30 x 30cm, and can be placed directly in front of their litter tray to catch any litter that’s attempting to sneak away on their paws. 

Top Natusan tip: we recommend two Litter Mats side by side for optimum performance! 


Cat Brushes

Fiboo’s Cat Brushes are available in two different types: the soft brush (yellow) and the hard brush (grey). Both brushes are designed to reach your cat’s undercoat, and the brush’s shape means it combines grooming and massage in one - and, as we’ve already discovered on the blog, grooming your cat is a great bonding activity!


two empty brown pet food bowls sit side by side on mats


Eco Pet Food Bowl

This Eco Pet Food Bowl is available in sizes S (200ml), M (400ml) and L (700ml) and comes with non-slip rubber feet. It’s made from a mix of 80% PLA (a bio-based material) and 20% hemp fibres. PLA is derived from corn starch, and it’s a biodegradable material. 

This eco-friendly material means the bowls aren’t suitable for use outdoors as the material shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight, and it isn’t suitable for dishwashers.


Slow Feeder Bowl Insert

If your cat is a speedy eater, this Slow Feeder Bowl Insert is the ideal thing to encourage them to slow down their meal times a little. The Slow Feeder Bowl Insert slots perfectly inside size L of the Eco Pet Food Bowl, making them the dinner time dream team! 

It’s made from a highly flexible polyurethane, which is BPA free and resistant to stretching or tearing.


a black cat drinks water from a green bowl with two other green food bowls beside it


Flat Pet Food Bowl

If you love the idea of the Eco Bowl but need a shallower dish, there’s also the Flat Pet Food Bowl! This can help to prevent issues with whisker fatigue or whisker sensitivity while eating, and for cats with flatter-noses. 

It’s available in two colours and is made from rPET, a high quality food-safe material made from recycled PET bottles.


Lollipop Lick Mat

This Lollipop Lick Mat is the perfect way to give your cats a little treat, help them to relax, and keep them busy at the same time! It can be used with wet food to help slow them down at meal times, or simply as a treat! 

Spread a little of their favourite wet food or treats over the Lollipop Lick Mat’s textured surface - and try popping it in the freezer for a great, cooling summer-time treat.


All Fiboo’s products are 100% designed and manufactured in Poland with our pets’ needs in mind, and we’re excited to be able to bring these accessories to cat parents in the UK - because being sustainable pet parents doesn’t have to stop at our choice of cat litter!

21/07/2023 by NatuTeam

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