Welcome and thanks for visiting INSIDE SCOOP - our new journal bringing you the latest news and updates from the web about all things feline.

We’re super excited to be delivering the things that matter to pet parents. With cat stories from around the globe and things that are happening on our doorstep, we’re sure there’s something for every friend to felines.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Regular news, articles and stories on all things cats!
  • Helpful tips and hacks on being a responsible pet parent.
  • Specialist advice from our team of cat experts including Dr. Scott Miller.
  • Cool cat content we’ve found online.
  • Sustainable brands that share our mission to make the world a greener place.
  • Joining the conversation - if you have a question, an idea, or a story of your own get in touch here.

As well as our new journal, we also have a shiny new website! Have a paw around and let us know what you think.

We look forward to hearing from all our readers and customers.
Stay tuned!



15/06/2020 by NatuTeam

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