How often should you change your cat’s litter tray?

There are plenty of questions we ask ourselves as cat parents, but for first-time cat parents, or those switching to new types of litter, there’s one that might stand out: how often should I change the litter tray?

Whether you’re welcoming home a new cat or kitten, or your previously outdoor cat is now spending more time indoors, you might be wondering when you’ll need to change the litter, and how often. So we’ve put together a guide to cat litter, from getting started to everyday maintenance. 


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Do all cats need a litter tray?

Indoor cats need access to a litter tray. It’s also advisable to provide a tray for cats that also have access to the outdoors, so they always have a safe option. Especially in bad weather, if there are other cats around, and as they get older, cats may prefer to use a litter tray indoors. All cats are different, and while some outdoor cats may rarely—if ever—use a litter tray, it’s always best to provide it as an option.

Cats tend to prefer their litter trays in a private, secluded area, and the tray itself should be large enough for them to get into and turn around without too much trouble. There are both open and covered litter trays available, and it’s often a case of your cat’s personal preference. 


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What to know about choosing the right cat litter

While there are several types of cat litter available, we’re going to be focusing on how our natural Natusan cat litter performs, and how often this should be changed. If you want to find out more about the different types of cat litter, you can see our guide to which cat litter is best

Natusan is a tight clumping litter which makes the everyday maintenance of the litter tray much easier. It forms clumps when it comes into contact with liquids, making it easy to remove the clumps and leave the clean dry litter in the tray. When your cats use Natusan litter, clumps will form. Our litter can absorb up to 7 times its weight, and as it’s tight clumping, it will quickly absorb both liquid and odour. 


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How often to change the litter tray

When you first fill your cat’s litter tray with Natusan, you’ll want a base layer of litter that’s around 5cm deep. As your cats go about their daily business, you’ll notice clumps will start to appear. Natusan clumping litter is designed so that urine and faeces form solid clumps which can be removed easily from the box without having to empty the entire tray. 

These clumps should ideally be removed almost as quickly as they appear, but we know that’s not always possible! Removing these clumps at least once a day should be enough to keep on top of the litter tray. As you remove these clumps regularly, you’ll notice that the level of litter in the tray will start to go down. You can top up the tray with new litter as and when required, to ensure that it maintains a litter depth of around 5cm.

Many cat owners who haven’t used a tight clumping litter before might be used to complete tray changes every week. With Natusan, however, one 10l bag of litter is usually enough to last one average indoor cat for a whole month! This means that once a month it’s time for a full tray change and a good clean of the litter tray (just make sure you don’t use bleach!), and then you can fill it back up with some fresh Natusan litter. 

If you want to know even more about Natusan litter, you can take a look at our FAQs

05/04/2022 by NatuTeam

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