How Cats Shows Affection

We all love our cats, and we probably tell them this about ten times a day. But how do our cats show affection, and what are the signs that our cats love us back? 

We’re taking a look at some of the key behaviours that cats use to show affection and that they’re happy and content in our company. Every cat is different, and while some cats might demonstrate all of these signs, others might prefer some over others. 

A few of the behaviours in this list even work both ways, with things that we can do to reciprocate and help build stronger bonds with our pets! Read on to find out more…



It might not be a typical human way of showing affection, but if your cat headbutts you, it’s probably their way of saying “I love you”. Cats have scent glands in their head and cheeks, so when they bop you with their head, they’re leaving their scent on you - and showing that you’re part of their family.



Is your cat working long shifts in the biscuit factory? Making biscuits - or kneading - is a sure-fire sign that your cat is happy and content, and if they’re doing it around (or on) you, then you can be pretty sure they’re happy you’re there.


an orange cat lays down while its owner pets its head



There are a few different reasons why cats purr, but one of the most common is contentment. If your cat is purring when you’re stroking or grooming them, their purring is letting you know that they’re happy and content.


Slow blinks

Slow blinking is a sign that your cat trusts you and feels safe around you, so it’s a real sign of love. And it’s something you can try out on your cats, too - narrow your eyes as if you’re smiling, and then close your eyes gently for a second or two, and your cats might even respond in the same way.


a tabby cat snoozes against its owner


Snoozing on you

We all know cats sleep a lot (and you can find out why that is here) but if your cat chooses to curl up and sleep on your lap or in your bed with you, then it’s a sure sign that they trust and love you - and it’s also just really, really cute.



Cats are big fans of grooming, and they’ll often show affection amongst themselves by grooming each other. So if your cat licks you like you would their own fur, then it’s a show of feline affection. And this can work both ways - if your cats are comfortable in your company, they’ll be happy to let you groom them! Sharing this experience with them is a great way to bond.



21/03/2023 by NatuTeam

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