Happy Halloween! See our top rated spooky films featuring feline stars

We’ve officially entered spooky season and we’ve put together the ultimate feline fright fest with our top ten list of films with creepy kitty-cats. With more horrors than a dirty litter tray, these classic Halloween movies feature pivotal moggy moments, with shocks and laughs for all the family. Grab the popcorn, dim the lights - and don’t blame us if you need to hide behind the sofa!


Natusan cat

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

The original film of this popular TV show about a teenage witch with Melissa Joan Hart is more family friendly than the recent Netflix series: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Watch it for Salem, the sophisticated talking cat, the display of excellent Nineties fashions, and to catch a young Ryan Reynolds with a brilliantly bad hair cut.


Suitable for older children, Coraline, is a creepy, animated tale about a girl who discovers a secret door in her apartment to a colourful parallel universe. There she meets doppelgängers of her parents with buttons sewn over their eyes, and the same black cat she knows from her true home, who can now talk. It all seems wonderful until the Other Mother doesn’t want her to leave. Coraline hatches a plan with the hero cat to try to escape and rescue her real parents who have been trapped.


Ridley Scott’s famous sci-fi horror flick, stars Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, a crew member on the ill-fated Nostromo, which investigates a distress call from another vessel. Cue a deadly battle against a terrifying alien life form. Jonesy, the starship’s ginger cat, accidentally leads one unfortunate crew member to his demise, but our fearless tabby escapes and returns for the sequel.


Natusan cat

Pet Sematary

Stephen King’s truly terrifying tale is set around a family of newcomers to a small Maine town. Their new house has an unfortunate position between a busy highway and the town’s burial grounds, including the pet cemetery. When Church, the family cat, is knocked down on the road, his pet parent buries him in the ancient burial ground, only for Church to reappear the next day, alive but changed. Anyone who’s ever lost a beloved pet will understand the desire to bring them back, but won’t fancy meddling with this after-life.

Let the Right One In

This Swedish film is a strangely romantic tale about a friendship between two lonely children, Oskar and Eli, who become neighbours. Oskar doesn’t know that Eli is a  vampire. Their other neighbour, Gösta, has pet cats who can sense vampires and will attack anyone who’s been turned. Will Eli take a bite out of Oskar?  You’ll have to watch it to find out.

Natusan cat

The Voices

This black comedy stars Ryan Reynolds, as Jerry, a schizophrenic who’s suffering delusions and thinks his pets are talking to him. It’s a gruesome tale, where he accidentally kills his crush, played by Gemma Arterton, and keeps her severed head in the fridge. Jerry’s furry talking companions represent his conflicting good side and bad sides, with Bosco, the dog, telling him to do the right thing, and Mr. Whiskers, the ginger tabby cat, egging him on to do bad.


A very creepy thriller starring Denzel Washington as a police detective, John Hobbes, who is investigating a series of occult murders, seemingly by a copycat killer of an executed convict. As he’s drawn into the case, he realises he’s facing a shape-shifting supernatural foe. As the film reaches its high stakes conclusion, the appearance of a cat suggests that the story might not be over…


Natusan cat

Hocus Pocus

Older family friendly fun from three comic legends, Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, as a trio of  witches who steal a young girl’s youth, and turn her brother into a black cat. Three centuries later, the witches are brought back to life to modern day Salem, and the town has to deal with the ensuing mayhem that they create.

Scared Shrekless 

This made-for-TV special has laughs for all the family. The well-loved Ogre, his trusty side kick, Donkey, and everyone’s favourite smooth-talking Puss-in-boots, share funny, scary stories for Halloween. ‘Boots Motel’ is a spoof of Psycho’s Bates Motel, told by Donkey and Puss (Antonio Banderas) who have to shelter from a thunderstorm in a spooky hotel, where Donkey is threatened by a menacing waffle.

 Natusan cat

Cat’s Eye

This Eighties film is an adaptation of three tales told in the book by Stephen King, which are connected by a travelling tom cat. It has an all-star cast including James Woods and a young Drew Barrymore, who plays Amanda in the last tale. Her cat, General, has to protect Amanda from an evil tiny troll that sneaks into her room at night and tries to steal her breath. The heroic kitty saves Amanda from the troll, and gets a large fish and a cuddle as a reward.

27/10/2021 by NatuTeam

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