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When considering the cost of cat litter, it can be tempting to look at the individual bag price and assume this offers the best reflection of value for money—but the price per bag can be misleading. 

Natural cat litter like Natusan can last much longer on average, so a direct price comparison just doesn’t make sense: if a bag of litter is half the price, but you get through twice as much, then it’s not really a saving at all. 

Natusan’s tight-clumping and easy-to-scoop removal means switching to our natural cat litter can reduce how much litter you use by up to 65% when switching from a non-clumping litter, saving up to £120 a year!** And that’s without even mentioning the positive environmental implications of cutting down on so much waste! To find out just how much you could cut down on litter waste, calculate your cat litter waste with our waste calculator.

How Much Natusan Does One Cat Need?

We estimate that one cat needs just one 10l bag of Natusan per month (although all cats are different and have their quirks). With one 10l bag per month, the cost works out at only 39p per day!*

And with Natusan, weekly tray changes are a thing of the past. Our litter’s high absorbency and tight clumping means you can simply remove the clumps as you go, and only do a full tray change once a month. If you’re currently using a non-clumping litter, this might seem hard to believe—but Natusan’s tight clumping really does mean big savings in both your time and the amount of litter used! 

Take a look at our guide on how often you should change your cat’s litter tray to find out more about how often Natusan should be changed compared to other litters.

So with up to 65% less litter being used every month with Natusan, you can see how a bag-for-bag price comparison doesn’t always give the best idea of overall cost. 

Happy Cat Parents

At Natusan we run all kinds of tests and research to determine just how absorbent, odour-trapping and long lasting our cat litter is, but sometimes our TrustPilot reviews say it best:

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Trustpilot Review

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Trustpilot Review


02/08/2022 by NatuTeam

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