Ever considered an insect based diet for your cat? Here’s why you should and how you can

Land use is at the heart of the climate crisis. It’s why we created Natusan - to help prevent cat parents adding to the world’s landfill problem. 

What we eat has a huge impact on the world, which is why reducing our meat intake is a core tenet of living sustainably, but how can we change our cat’s diet for the better? 

There’s a lot of buzz around insect based pet food, because switching to a bug based diet has considerable benefits. 

Let’s take a look at three compelling reasons to choose an insect based diet for your prized puss...

 Natusan insect based diet

1. Farming insects uses 80% less land than beef

 Did you know that 77% of the world’s agricultural land is used for livestock farming (meat, dairy and animal feed production), but it produces just 37% of the global protein supply?  

That’s the equivalent landmass of North, Central and South America* combined - just so we can eat animal based products. 

Switching your cat over to an insect based diet is another way to reduce your pet’s carbon paw print. It uses less land, less water, creates hardly any GHG emissions, no antibiotics, it doesn’t harm other animals and there’s zero risk of disease outbreaks. 

Natusan cat

 2. It cuts down food waste and it’s rich in nutrients

The insects used in pet food, such as black soldier fly, mealworm larvae, housefly larvae, crickets and locusts, are raised on surplus plants and veggies, so the process cuts down on human food waste before it even reaches your pet’s bowl. 

Insects are very good at converting food into weight gain, making them an incredible source of protein, iron, essential amino acids and taurine, to give your cat everything it needs. And, unlike livestock, insects are used whole, so nothing goes to waste. 


Natusan cat

3. Trust us, even fussy cats will get hooked 

Think your kitty will turn down a bowl of buggy goodness? Lovebug is a nutritionally complete and balanced dry food that has been developed by pet nutritionists. Easily digestible, it’s suitable for sensitive tummies and the crunchy texture takes care of teeth and gums. 

Lovebug is made without dairy and palm oil - so you don’t have to worry about the orang-utans. And, it looks just like regular kibble. 

The best way to introduce a new food is to mix it with regular food over a number of days. Start with one quarter of the new kibble and three quarters of the old food for days one and two, then half and half for days three and four, then three-quarters of the new food and a quarter of the old food for days five and six, until your cat is fully weaned onto a full bowl of the new stuff. 

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20/10/2021 by NatuTeam

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