Ecologi’s 2021 Impact Report

It’s time for another update on the great work being done by our partners over at Ecologi! 

We’ve been partnering with Ecologi for 14 months now, and during that time our partnership has helped us at Natusan to become climate positive and reduce our impact on the environment, while also helping to support Ecologi’s amazing climate projects. Part of Ecologi’s work is planting new trees, which is how we plant a new tree for every purchase of Natusan, and recently we hit a huge milestone: over 50,000 trees planted! 

But as you probably know by now, Ecologi does far more than just planting trees. Earlier this month Ecologi released its Impact Report for 2021, so we’re taking a closer look at what the organisation has achieved over the past year.


Ecologi’s 2021 Impact

1. B Corp Certification

2021 saw Ecologi achieving B Corp status—which is kind of a big deal. The B Corp certification process measures a company’s entire social and environmental impact, ensuring its work and practices take care of both people and the planet. This certification sees Ecologi joining a small but growing number of companies and organisations dedicated to making business a force for good. 


Ecologi’s 2021 Impact

2. Almost 24 million trees funded

An incredible number of new trees have been funded in 2021: 23,782,655! It takes time and the right seasons or weather conditions to make sure each funded tree can be planted properly, so while not all of these funded trees have been planted yet, Ecologi calculates that almost 10 million are already planted across Ecologi’s existing and new reforestation sites. Trees have been planted at Ecologi’s new reforestation sites, including those in Kenya and Uganda, as well as existing sites in Scotland, Nicaragua and Madagascar. 

And it’s not just forests and the environment that will benefit from this work. Ecologi’s 2021 reforestation efforts have an immediate human impact too, having supported 1026 livelihoods over the last year, both through employment—including in planting and forest protection—and through engagement with long-term forest restoration training programmes. 


Ecologi’s 2021 Impact

3. Joined the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration

In 2021, Ecologi joined around 100 charities, organisations and agencies in becoming an Actor in the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The aim of the UN Decade is to drive initiatives that will restore ecosystems and support a more sustainable future, with a deadline of 2030. Becoming an Actor in the UN Decade basically allows Ecologi to maximise the impact of the great work they’re already doing.


Ecologi’s 2021 Impact

4. Carbon Reduction Projects

While you’d think Ecologi had been busy enough with all their other work, they also found the time to support a whole range of carbon reduction projects, successfully funding the reduction of over 1 million tonnes of carbon emissions through these carefully selected initiatives. From peatland conservation in Indonesia to forest protection and landfill gas capture worldwide, Ecology supported initiatives that not only reduced carbon emissions but also met more of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals than ever before, ensuring projects with wide-reaching positive impact beyond carbon reduction.

We’re so happy to support Ecologi in their work, and can’t wait to see what they’ll achieve in 2022. To read Ecologi’s full 2021 Impact Report for yourself and find out even more, head over to their website here. 

22/02/2022 by NatuTeam

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