Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

With just a few weeks to go until Christmas and trees starting to go up, our thoughts are turning to gift shopping. If you’ve got a cat lover in your life and you’re in need of some Christmas gift inspiration, you’re in luck: we’ve done the hard work for you and rounded up our best Christmas gifts for cat lovers! 

The best part is that each of these cat-themed gifts supports charities helping animals in need, or helps to encourage a more sustainable lifestyle—and sometimes both at the same time! It’s a win win, so read on for some purr-fect present inspiration…

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

RSPCA’s Cat Tote Bags

We love this range of tote bags from the RSPCA so much that we couldn’t choose just one! With so many designs to choose from, they make the perfect gift for animal lovers. Our favourites are the Colourful Cats Tote Bag and the. 

Whether it’s an everyday bag or a sustainable alternative to single-use shopping bags, these cute totes are sure to be a hit with cat lovers—and each purchase helps the RSPCA to continue their work with animals in need.

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Battersea’s Cat Bingo & Cat Puzzle

If you’re looking for a fun gift for all ages, big or small, you can’t go too far wrong with a puzzle or game. Battersea has a range of cat-themed games and gifts, and we especially love Cat Bingo and the Curious Cats Jigsaw Puzzle. Even better is that choosing to buy from Battersea means their profits will go towards helping cats and dogs in need and finding them new loving homes.

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cat Print Reusable Coffee Cup

Know a cat lover who’s also wild about coffee? Chilly’s are known for their reusable bottles and cups, and they’ve teamed up with British designer Emma Bridgewater to create this purr-fect Cat Print Reusable Cup. It’s the perfect gift for any coffee (or tea) lover who wants to cut down on their single use plastics—and look at some very cute cats while they’re sipping a latte on-the-go. 

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Carnival Cool Cat Socks

This pack of three cat-print socks from small brand Carnival have a charitable twist as well: 10% of Carnival’s profits go towards animal rescue and welfare. Independent store Wolf & Badger provides sustainability guarantees for each of the brands they stock, so you can be sure that these socks have a low environmental impact, as well as giving back to good causes.

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Cat Print Reusable Water Bottle

If they’re not a fan of coffee, don’t worry: another great sustainable gift for cat lovers is this Nine Lives Glass Water Bottle. Covered in a super-cute cat print, this glass bottle with a wooden lid can be used again and again (and again). 

If you need something a bit more bump-proof than glass, the RSPCA shop has this handy BPA-free plastic alternative: Cat’s Life Water Bottle.

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

Baggu Fluffy Cat Reusable Shopping Bag

We’re on a roll with the cat-themed reusables, so to round it off, here’s Baggu’s “fluffy cat” print reusable bag, perfect for every day. Baggu makes playful accessories designed to be useful and have long lives, and this fold-up shopper is fun, long-lasting, and will replace countless single-use carrier bags. 

Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers

And One For The Cats…

With the cat lovers covered, how about a present for your cats? Top of our wishlist this year is our Eco-Friendly Cat Bed! Made from 100% recycled materials and available in two colourways, it’s giving those plastics a new lease of life as a very comfy and cosy little hideaway. 

06/12/2022 by NatuTeam

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