Adopt A Shelter Pet Day - Rudie's Story

Rudie is the 11 year old tabby who lives with Liam, our Head of Content

We pulled Liam aside for a quick chat about Rudie for #NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay.


rudie natusan cat


How long have you had Rudie?

We brought Rudie home in February 2020, just before lockdown.


How did he come into your life?

We always had pets growing up, but never a cat. My parents considered themselves “dog people”, but we’ve won them round with our cats since.

When me and my girlfriend got our own place, we adopted a gorgeous older girl from a rescue charity.

Gucci was such a sweet and gentle fur baby, but unfortunately, less than 18 months after adopting her we discovered that she had cancer and we had to make the decision to send her over the rainbow bridge. 


Gucci Calico Cat



To say we were heartbroken is a massive understatement.

The house just seemed so lonely without a furry friend getting under our feet, we had too much love left and nowhere to put it.

As soon as we could (and luckily just before lockdown) we got back in touch with the same rehoming charity, who told us about a case that was “right up our street”...


Cat adoption shelter


Rudie, or Tigger as he was known then, was knocking on, age-wise, and he had been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, which meant a special diet and constant supervision outdoors (he loves to nibble at plants), so he had been passed from pillar to post and was with his third foster carer when we visited him.


What was your first visit like?

I’ll never forget seeing that trembling, furry lump huddled in the corner. He seemed so nervous and scared, and living with two other foster cats wasn’t doing him any favours.

When we brought him home after a couple of visits, he hid under the kitchen cupboard for the whole day - we left him to it, knowing that he just needed time to adjust and a place to feel safe.


Rudie cat hiding


I remember thinking “oh well, he’ll never be a lap-cat, but at least we can give him a happy and comfortable ‘retirement’” - how wrong I was...

That night, at around midnight in fact, he jumped up on the bed and had made the decision that his need for cuddles outweighed his skepticism of these new humans, and he has been our needy, cheeky boy ever since.


Rudie Natusan Cat



What is something about Rudie that is unlike any other cat?

Rudie is such a little weirdo, he loves to nibble on unattended toes, so we pretty much have to wear slippers at all times.

Still, he gets under the blankets and performs his “stealth attacks” in the middle of the night, which is fun...



Rudie Natusan Cat Bed


How did you name him?

The rehoming shelter had given him the name “Tigger”, but he didn’t seem much like a Tigger, as he wasn’t very bouncy, which seems like a prerequisite.

He was certainly a little rude boy, and still is, he definitely lives up to his new name. 


Rudie cat puzzle jigsaw box



Any other nicknames?

Only about a million or so… - Rooders, Oggy, Boy Boy, Meester, Ru-Ru, Sir, and for some reason... Bob.


Is there anything he does that you don’t like?

He’s a sucker for taps. If we’re in the living room and things get too quiet, we just know he’s on the kitchen side drinking from the tap.

We have to keep the bathroom door closed too, or he’ll be in there french-kissing the tap, it’s pretty gross.



Rudie Cat drinking from tap


Are there any consequences? 

What can you do? When you catch him in the act he acts all cool and inconspicuous. You look into those buggy eyes and tell me you could tell him off...


Rudie tabby cat 



Have you thought about extending your furry family in the future?

Rudie would not like any brothers or sisters (he’s happy to be a spoilt only child) - but adopting a cat (especially an older one) is such a massively rewarding experience that I don’t think we’ll ever not have cats.


Fave food?

He only ever gets to eat one type of food because of his sensitive tummy, but we asked our vet and on special occasions he can have plain organic chicken - he loves it!

Even though he has a bowl full of biscuits, when we offer him a single one out of our hand it’s like his version of a “treat” - he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but you’ve got to admire that kind of outlook on life.


rudie natusan tabby cat



Favourite spot to sleep?

He’s a lap cat through and through, it can be difficult when you’re trying to work, but he keeps you nice and warm with his 6kg of fluffy butt laid across your legs.


Rudie natusan lap cat



Fave toy?

His only possession when we adopted him was a ragged old bright green mouse toy, we tracked down the original maker and bought him a brand new one, but within a few days it was as torn and traumatised as his old one - poor mousey...


Is there anything he doesn't like?

He’s not too fussed about the hoover, but he hates the sound of bags - whenever we change the recycling bin he’s on full-alert.

He also hates taking his medication for his sensitive skin, it’s only half a tablet every other day, but he makes such a drama out of it!

We watched a bunch of “how-to” videos and they said that if you move a cat’s head backwards, their mouth should open automatically - not with this guy, clenched teeth all the way...


tabby cat clenched teeth


If you could describe Rudie in three words, what would they be?

Sensitive, boisterous, & needy. That's him in a nutshell.


If you could talk to Rudie for 10 seconds what would you say?

“You’re my best little guy Rudie, your tablets are to help with your itching so please stop fighting tooth and nail every other day. I don’t love the laptop more than you, I just need it to work and that’s why it is on my lap when you should be. Also, please stop drinking out of our taps!”


rudie natusan tabby cat

29/04/2021 by NatuTeam

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