5 top tips for a greener Black Friday

Want to have a Green Friday instead? We’ve got you covered with our ideas for less waste and more sustainability this Black Friday.

It’s becoming increasingly impossible to ignore Black Friday. What started as a one day event borrowed from the US retail calendar has somehow crept into the whole of November and taken the UK market by storm. For those of us trying to live more sustainability and with less waste, it can feel like a festival of unnecessary overconsumption. 

But like it or not, Black Friday has become one of the biggest shopping days for UK retailers, with huge discounts tempting people to part with their cash—so it seems it’s here to stay. 

Here at Natusan we believe in reducing waste and living as sustainably as possible, so we’ve put together our top tips for making Black Friday a little greener. From small steps to grand gestures, there are options to help all of us to have a more sustainable, considered, and greener Black Friday.


5 top tips for a greener Black Friday

1. Consider carefully

First up: if you’re going to purchase, purchase the things you really need. There’s nothing wrong with buying essential items that’ll see plenty of use, and why not benefit from the inevitable savings on something you were going to buy anyway?! But before you add to cart, consider the following options too…


5 top tips for a greener Black Friday

2. Shop with sustainability in mind

If you’ve got items on your wishlist, why not spend a little time researching the most sustainable, ethical, or eco-friendly options? Sometimes the swap to more sustainability can be simple. Black Friday is a great time to invest in more environmentally-friendly options if you’re replacing outdated goods or buying something new, whether that’s ethically-made fashion or household items. 


5 top tips for a greener Black Friday

3. Shop small

It’s not just shopping sustainably that can make a difference. Step away from the huge online retailers (you know who we mean) and instead opt to support independent retailers, small brands, and your local shops. Your purchase will mean a lot more to small stores, and shopping local not only helps to support your community, but also cuts down on the environmental impact of all that shipping.


5 top tips for a greener Black Friday

4. Invest in goods and gifts that give back

If you’re shopping for gifts, take the opportunity to purchase from brands and organisations that give back. Whether that’s supporting nonprofit organisations, or buying from brands who work together with charities—use those Black Friday pounds to do some good.


5 top tips for a greener Black Friday

5. Buy nothing at all!

The greenest option of all. Choosing to buy nothing saves on unnecessary shopping—and unnecessary shipping, because we can’t forget the environmental impact of all that packaging, the next day deliveries, and the inevitable returns. Decide to opt out of the retail frenzy and join in with Buy Nothing Day

As you might have guessed already, we’re not running any special Black Friday promotions here at Natusan. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t savings to be made—it’s just the same great offers as always.



5 top tips for a greener Black Friday

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22/11/2021 by NatuTeam

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