Signs of Cat Stress: Do I Have a Stressed Cat?

Is your cat acting differently? Perhaps they appear more anxious than usual, or their behaviour just seems "off", whatever the symptoms, pet parents know when there is something amiss with their furry friend...

In this instalment of The Cat Guide our experts share some of the stress signals to look out for in your cat.


Model Recommended! Ruth Crilly

Who says cleaning out your cat's litter tray can't be glamorous?

We asked erstwhile fashion model, dedicated beauty insider and self-proclaimed prolific writer of nonsense Ruth Crilly (and her cat Mr. Bear) to try out our 100% natural, odour-trapping litter. 


#LoveYourPetDay - Bella’s Story

Bella is the 9 year old tabby who lives with Kieran, our Head of Customer Happiness.

We pulled Kieran aside for a quick chat about Bella’s story for #LoveYourPetDay


Cat Grass - Everything You Need to Know

While cats aren't exactly known for their veggie-loving ways (they are carnivores, after all) the do have a sweet tooth for a certain leafy green...

In this instalment of The Cat Guide we're talking grass, from the different types available, to the health benefits and how to grow your own.