Cats aren’t too fussed about the mess they leave in their wake.

Tracking occurs when cat litter sticks to your cat’s fur and paws, and is one of the most common problems pet parents face. We’re breaking down the top tips from our cat experts to tackle the problem of cat litter tracking.


How Cats Improve our Mental Health

Any pet parent will tell you that animals have a positive impact on mood, with 9 out of 10 people surveyed stating that living with a cat helps their mental health.

For World Mental Health Day (10th Oct), and in these uncertain times, we’re looking at a few of the ways in which cats help with our mental health


Our steps for sustainability

Sustainability was the reason we started Natusan, it's what makes us tick, what keeps us up at night, and what makes us get up in the morning.

We love what we do.

Together, with our partners and customers, we are consistently reducing the amount of cat litter being sent to landfill, recycling by-products into natural, healthy, repurposed alternatives to a problem that affects us all, and in turn transforming this into fertiliser to begin the journey all over again. 

We work tirelessly to ensure our circular economy keeps turning.


This short film about cats will melt your heart

Between lockdown woes, Coronavirus fears and worrying news from across the pond, it's fair to say we're in need of some pleasantness on our screens, and we think we've found it. 

In this award-winning short film, directed by Swiss filmmaker Lasse Linder, we follow Christian (or "Catman" as he calls himself), who lives with his two Scottish Fold cats, named Katyusha and Marmelade, in a small Swiss city.