Outperforms other natural litters in odour control

Use up to 65% less & save money

Why natusan?

Long lasting odour control

Tight clumping and proven to out perform other natural litters in odour control



£10.75 per month when you buy a 40L bag (based on an average cat using 10L per month).

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100% natural & biodegradable

Made from natural, recycled wood materials without clay minerals

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less waste, more wonder



tons is the estimated amount of cat litter thrown away in the UK every year. You can reduce your litter waste by 65% by switching to Natusan*


trees planted

We plant a tree for every order made with our partners Ecologi, who have planted over 5 million trees to date.


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We know it can be tough to find delicious and nutritionally complete cat food with a smaller environmental paw-print so we’ve partnered with our friends at Lovebug to bring you just that!

This tasty kibble is 100% complete and balanced, helps keep feline teeth and gums healthy and is east to digest.

Lovebug contains insect protein, a great source of amino acids &
macronutrients and comes in fully recyclable, 100% plastic free packaging

“Natusan's litter is made entirely from recycled wood offcuts generated by the timber industry — meaning that it is 100 per cent biodegradable.”

Mail Online

“making a conscious change can go a long way when it comes to improving your pet's carbon pawprint”

"An eco-friendly cat litter company that has teamed up with a well-known vet to help pet owners feel supported during the coronavirus pandemic"

Your Cat Magazine

“for anyone wondering how they can help improve their pets carbon pawprint at home, sustainable cat litter brand Natusan is here to help”


“100% natural and biodegradable clumping cat litter which is highly absorbent, trapping odour for freshness - whilst also reducing waste”

My London

“made from recycled wood fibres so is soft on your cat's paws and there is no added fragrance so fussy cats will especially like it.”

Yours Magazine

“Eco-friendly cat litter”


"If you want to be a truly eco friendly cat owner, compostable litter is a must!"

Eluxe Magazine

"Natusan is here to save the day - not to mention your back from dragging around heavy bags"

London Evening Standard

"Even without composting, simply switching to Natusan reduces your waste by 65 percent"

Sublime Magazine

Thankfully, eco-friendly alternatives, like Natusan, are readily available for green pet owners


"Save the planet one litter tray at a time."

Pick Me Up!

“you’ll be doing your bit for the environment”

Heat World

"An eco-friendly cat litter subscription service designed to combat the 2.4 million tonnes of dirty stuff that goes to landfill every year"


"Lessen your cat’s impact by switching to Natusan’s compostable option"

Ideal Home

“Swap to a sustainable, organic cat litter made of renewable, recycled materials. It is better for your cat’s health too.”


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